What to wear to katy perry concert?

Ok so next week I'm going to katy perry concert!!! I'm super excited but idk what to wear I need LOTS of suggestions just so that I can kinda choose from what you give me I really need Ideas and if it helps I think it's supposed to be hot that nite also makeup ideas stuff like that I do have one accessory it's a leopard bracelet that says roar and I'm totally wearing that lol

Thanks ;)

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    6 years ago
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    If you want to keep it simple just a shorts and a cute shirt maybe like a band shirt just not a boring one. If you like high wasted shorts than you could do that with a crop too forever 21 has an insane amount of crop tops...

    If you want to go cray for it like some fans do and go in like neon and fun katy perry type outfits you could do shorts or high wasted shorts a neon shirt suspenders (even though that sounds lame they look really fun and hippsterish on) and converse or something like that

    Just dot wear heels or wedges!!! To much when your standing up all night unless you want to take them off

    Source(s): I have been to one
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I have a suggestion - don't go.

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