why does Israel attack gaza strip?

why doen't Israel think that they are innocents in gaza? why can't they do anything for stopping this thing? I think Israel considers hamas a terrorist group but this not fair, hamas doesn't have the same technology as Israel, I haven't heard of an attack which causes problems in Israel, just in gaza why?

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  • Hirsty
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    6 years ago
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    Israel conducts air-strikes on Gaza. Hamas launches rockets at Israel. Each side says it will continue until the other stops. Each side claims they are acting in retaliation for prior strikes. In a war going on 68 years both sides have more than enough slights to justify further mayhem.

    Are they equally to blame? Israel has been killing mainly women and children with their strikes. The Hamas strikes have killed no one. With nothing else to go on, I have to presume both sides got the results they intended.

    What point then is there in the Hamas strikes? Israel deploys two $100,000 Iron Dome missiles to shoot down every missile Hamas lobs at them. Hamas’s missiles cost as little as $50 each. I suggest Hamas is not trying to kill the Israelis, but bankrupt them.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    my concern is this attack behalf of innocent and no armless people , Israels want to captured they are Palestinians land because even in the space they won get space( like Hitler's hits in Germany).not only that the Jews canibles they wants to stock human meat to eat in future because for that they were chosen they are killing babies, small childern and ladies


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    It is true that Hamas doesn't have the same technology as Israel. However, the technology it has been using lately (i.e. rockets) is nonetheless deadly enough to hurt or kill Israeli citizens.

    When militants fire rockets at Israeli towns from houses in the Gaza Strip, what do you believe the Israelis should do? If they do nothing, the militants get more bold and keep doing it. If they strike back, they inevitably kill civilians who reside in the same houses. In some cases, the civilians _choose_ to remain in those houses as "human shields".

    If it's any consolation, the Israeli military has sometimes been "shelling" the houses with leaflets warning the residents the houses are about to get hit with the real thing. I'm no fan of Israel, but that is a remarkable concession. I would save my anger for how they treat Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

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  • Kevin7
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    6 years ago

    Israel is rightfully defending itself from terrorism

  • 6 years ago

    Israel is attacking Gaza because it wants to weaken the unitary government of Hamas and al fatah. Israel knows that this unity between the two Palestinian groups means greater chance of Palestine becoming a state and of course Israel doesn't want that. The very core of Zionism is destruction of Palestine. Israel does not want peace because peace means going against Zionism. People have to understand that and we have let the world know that. Israel has no interest in peace but to expand its borders.

    This whole thing stared when 3 Israeli teenagers went missing. First of all I think Israel orchestrated this whole 3 Israeli teenagers missing/kidnapping story. Even if it did happen for real Israel didn't miss the chance to use it to her advantage and blamed it on Hamas. Hamas denied the allegation but of course Israel just needed some excuse to attack Hamas so they started raiding Palestinian houses and Hamas members residents and family. So Hamas had to defend itself. Now you hear Israel and the US say "Israel has the right to defend itself". Well what about Hamas? What about Palestinians? They have no right to defend themselves from Uncivilized Israelis?

    Hamas stared to fire rocket at Israel in self defence. This is what Israel was waiting for so they could claim that they are "defending" themselves and bomb Gaza and flatten it.

    Israel knows it can get away with it as many of the big powerful countries in Europe and the US have unconditional support for Israel and that's why Israel has to this very moment been bombing Gaza and killing innocent civilians. Some might ask why would Israel do such a thing? Israel has twisted policy of "punishing" Palestinians for fighting for their rights and moving towards peace. Israel's policy is to humiliate and degrade Palestinians and show them who is the authority( uncivilized savage is my preferred term).

    Now Hamas's defence capability is unmatched with Israel's military capability yet Israel doesn't care about that. Israel only want to cause dead, destruction and bloodshed.

    Now you will hear some people say that Israel is being a saint and real nice by telling people they are about to bomb their homes. Wow we must all praise Israel for notifying people that they are about to be bombed into non-existence.

  • S B
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    6 years ago

    Well see, you ask two different questions- one is why Israel attacks Gaza, and the second is why do you only hear about attacks in Gaza, but not in Israel.

    The first one is simple- Israel attacks Gaza because the organization that controls Gaza, Hamas, is a terror organization. It's firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civillains, and has been doing so for years, though more intense in the last week.

    But you don't hear about it because unless Israel responds, no one cares. Where were all of these kind souls fearing civillain death a week ago before the operation started and Israel was bombed? Don't you know that Israelis are not actually human and therefor bomibing us is a perfectly okay thing for Hamas to do?

    Well, maybe if you start giving a crap about people even when they're not Palestinians, we wouldn't have to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities and upset your fee-feels with Palestinian lives- the only ones that matter to you.

  • Kini
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    6 years ago

    Maybe this is part of Israel's Final Solution. It would not make any difference politically if insurgents in Gaza had no rockets to fire. Israel would still bulldoze thier homes and still bomb them with white phosphorus illegally. The blockade would still be in effect controlling how far out fisherman go to earn a living, controlling movement of building materials and candy into Gaza, patrolling by land air and sea 24/7, not allowing Gazans to even leave by closing the border crossing to Egypt. So, nothing would change if rocket fire ended. Israel would not end the occupation, not come to peace talks, so rockets are the only weapons Gazans have and those came out of smuggled parts. People need Hamas to fight for their cause of freedom. No one wants to be a sitting duck and a coward so they fire rockets. It is a homegrown, homemade self defense, not the advanced arsenal and weapons Israel has.

    It is really Israeli overkill, like the U.S. using fighter jets to attack men in caves in Afghanistan.

  • 6 years ago

    it is politics method

  • Shay p
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    6 years ago

    Question should be the other way around....Question should be .... Why Hummus attacks Israel ?? we didn't start this they did, Hummus has been shooting missiles at us for years, all missiles aimed at civilians !!!

    Hummus IS a terrorist organization, recognized as one by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Jordan, Egypt[ and Japan.

    Hummus should stop using Gazans as human shields, Hummus should stop this thing by stopping his constant attacks on Israel Israel.

    Since when do we care if they have or have not same technologies, they should be smart enough to understand Israel can do away with them in 3 days flat.

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