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How can I keep my rabbits warm in the basement?

Our basement gets kind of cold. I am worried my rabbits might be cold. I get kind of cold during the night down here. Is there anything I can do to keep them warm? They both have huge nic condos and hard wood floors. On the top floor they have a blanket. Please help :(

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    Rabbits would far rather be cool than warm. Unless the temperatures down there are approaching freezing, there's no need to do anything to warm them. You have to remember that they have thick fur coats.

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    Take them out the basement! I hope you haven't got them in a small cage? If I were a rabbit in a cage and in the basement I think I would be pretty miserable, get them in your house or give them up for adoption.

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      Apparently you can't read. I clearly said they have a huge nic condo. Also I live in the basement.The basement is part of my house! With my 2 dogs and cats. It's not some small dark dirty hole in the ground. It's a finished basement. It just gets chilly down here. My rabbits a far from miserable.

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    I used a Hot water bottle when my puppy got cold

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