what is causing my airbag light, abs light and battery light to come on??

I have a 07 honda accord 4cyl and i have replace the alternator 3 times its not the alternator. My battery light stays on sometimes it might blink on and off. But the problem is i can be driving my car and my airbag light and abs light will come on and cause my car to shut off and i will have to get a jump, it's a brand new battery in my car so something is draining my battery i can't even run my hair without the battery going dead and like i said i done replace the alternator so what could it be???????

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  • 6 years ago

    What's the alternator output? You may have a computer controlled alternator and just because you replaced the alternator 3 times does not mean it's charging the battery.Air bag and a brake warning light will not cause a motor to shut off. The lights come on because the battery is low enough the PCM can't keep the motor running. When a motor stalls those lights come on...just like when you turn the key to the on position before cranking the motor over. Have a mechanic test the charging system and wiring. Tow bills get expensive!

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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  • 6 years ago

    My guess would be to have the dealership look at it. What alternator did you use??? Some of those have to be specific dealership only parts or they will cause electrical issues such as yours. Have someone look at the codes. I heard the connectors were wired up differently if you use aftermarket versus factory so your alternator may not even be charging & why all the lights are on.

    Most newer cars such as yours will set codes is system voltage is below threshold which usually is 10-11 volts

    So before you actually think you know what your doing & say it isnt the alternator, either find someone who does know what they are doing like the dealership or replace the alternator with the dealership specified part

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