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Ashley asked in PetsDogs · 6 years ago

help name my black lab!!?

We just got a black lab puppy.

Its a male.

He is sweet, kinda shy, and playful!

I like country names names...

Any suggestions??

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  • 6 years ago
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    ACE Ace in the Hole, George Straits backing band

    BAMA The Bama Band, backing band for Hank Williams Jr.

    BARBI Barbi Benton, singer and model

    BEKKA Bekka & Billy, music duo

    BENTLEY Stephanie Bentley, singer songwriter

    BERRY John Berry, singer songwriter, guitarist

    BILLY RAY Billy Ray Cyrus, singer and actor

    BLACKHAWK BlackHawk, country trio

    BLAINE Blaine Larsen, singer songwriter, guitarist

    BLUE Blue County, country music duo

    BOGGUSS Suzy Bogguss, singer, songwriter

    BONNIE Bonnie Raitt, country / blues guitarist

    BOOGIE Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, guitarist & composer

    BRODIE Brodie Foster Hubbard, country/rock singer guitarist

    BUCK Buck Owens, 'Bakersfield Sound' pioneer

    BUCKY Bucky Covington, country singer

    BUDDY Buddy Miller, singer songwriter, producer

    BURRITO Flying Burrito Brothers, country rock band

    BUTCH Butch Hancock, country / folk musician

    CARL Carl Perkins, country / rockabilly great

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    CHAD Chad Brock, singer songwriter, disc-jockey

    CHANCE Country group

    CHARLIE Charlie Daniels, country/rock singer songwriter

    CHESNEY Kenny Chesney, singer songwriter

    CHET Chet Atkins, legendary guitarist & producer

    CODIE Codie Prevost, Canadian country artist

    COWBOY Cowboy Copas, singer songwriter, guitarist

    DAISY Daisy Dern, singer songwriter

    DENVER John Denver, singer songwriter, producer

    DIAMOND Diamond Rio, country band

    DIXIE CHICK Dixie Chicks, female country trio

    DOC Doc Walker, Canadian country group

    DOLLY Dolly Parton, one of country's biggest stars

    DON Don Williams, singer songwriter, musician

    DOTTIE Dottie West, influencial country singer

    DUANNE Daunne Allman, country / rock guitarist

    DUDE Dude Mowrey, country singer

    EMMYLOU Emmylou Harris, singer songwriter

    EVERLY Everly Brothers, country / pop duo

    FARGO Donna Fargo, singer songwriter, author

    FLOYD Floyd Cramer, Nashville sound pioneer

    GENE Gene Autry, singer and actor

    GOLDIE Goldie Hill, pioneering female country singer

    GRETCHEN Gretchen Wilson, singer songwriter

    HAL Hal Ketchum, singer songwriter

    HANK Hank Williams, country music pioneer

    HAZARD Halfway to Hazard, country music band

    HOLLY Holly Dunn, country singer

    HOWDY Boy Howdy, country music band

    HOYT Hoyt Axton, singer and actor

    JEDD Jedd Hughes, Australian singer songwriter

    JERRY LEE Jerry Lee Lewis, rock 'n roll / country singer

    JESSE Jesse Brand, singer songwriter, musician

    JESSI Jessi Colter, singer songwriter

    JEWEL Jewel, pop, folk, country singer

    JO DEE Jo Dee Messina, country singer

    JODY Jody Miller, country singer

    JOHNNY CASH Johnny Cash, Country music legend

    JOLIE Jolie & The Wanted, country band

    JUICE Juice Newton, singer songwriter

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    KAL Kal Hourd, Canadian country singer

    KASEY Kasey Chambers, alternative country singer songwriter

    KELLIE Kellie Coffey, singer songwriter

    KIKKI Kikki Danielsson, Swedish country singer

    KIPPI Kippi Brannon, country singer

    KRIS Kris Kristofferson, singer and actor

    KRISTY Kristy Lee Cook, country singer

    LEON Leon Everette, country singer

    LEROY Leroy Van Dyke, singer, guitarist

    LONZO Lonzo and Oscar, country music duo

    LORETTA Loretta Lynn, country great

    LUCINDA Lucinda Williams, country/rock singer songwriter

    MACK Warner Mack, singer songwriter, guitarist

    MARSHALL Marshall Tucker Band, country rock band

    MARTINA Martina McBride, singer songwriter

    MARTY Marty Robbins, country music great

    MAVERICK The Mavericks, alternative country band

    MAYBELLE Maybelle Carter, country pioneer

    MCCOY Neal McCoy, country singer

    MELBA Melba Montgomery, singer songwriter

    MINDY Mindy McCready, country singer

    NELSON Willie Nelson, singer songwriter, actor

    NORMA JEAN Norma Jean, singer songwriter

    PATSY Patsy Cline, country great

    PATTI Patti Page, country/pop singer

    PAYCHECK Johnny Paycheck, singer songwriter, guitarist

    PEARL Minnie Pearl, country comedienne

    RASCAL Rascal Flatts, country band

    RAVEN Eddy Raven, Cajun/country singer songwriter

    REBA Reba McEntire, singer and actress

    REX Rex Allen, singer, actor

    RHETT Rhett Akins, singer songwriter

    ROCKIE Rockie Lynne, singer songwriter, guitarist

    RODEO Sweethearts of the Rodeo, country duo

    ROMEO Hey Romeo, Canadian country band

    RONNIE Ronnie Milsap, country / pop singer

    ROSANNE Rosanne Cash, singer songwriter

    RUBY Ruby Wright, singer songwriter

    SHANIA Shania Twain, pop / country singer

    SHELBY Shelby Lynne, singer songwriter, actress

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    more Country and Western Dog names...

    SHOOTER Shooter Jennings, alternative country guitarist, singer

    SKAGGS Ricky Skaggs, country/bluegrass musician, producer

    SKEETER Skeeter Davis, country/pop singer songwriter

    SLIM Slim Whitman, country music legend

    SMILEY Smiley Burnette, singer songwriter, actor

    STAR Star De Azlan, country singer

    STONEY Stoney Cooper, fiddle and guitar great

    STRINGBEAN David 'Stringbean' Akeman, banjo player

    SUNNY Sunny Sweeney, singer songwriter

    TAMMY Tammy Wynette, country great

    TEX Tex Ritter, actor and singer

    TEXAS Little Texas, country band

    TOBY Toby Keith, singer songwriter, producer

    TRACE Trace Adkins, singer, guitarist

    TRAVIS Travis Tritt, singer songwriter, guitarist

    TRENT Trent Tomlinson, singer songwriter

    TROY Cowboy Troy, country rapper

    TWEEDY Jeff Tweedy, alternative country singer, guitarist

    TY Ty Herndon, country singer

    VEGA Ray Vega, singer songwriter

    WANDA Wanda Jackson, country/rockabilly singer songwriter

    WAYLON Waylon Jennings, singer songwriter, musician

    WILCO Alternative country band

    WYATT Wyatt, Canadian country band

    YANKEE Yankee Grey, country band

    YOAKAM Dwight Yoakam, musician and actor

    ZAC Zac Brown Band, country band

    ZELLA Zella Lehr, country singer

    this is from a site and it has lots of great names!!! you can also search country dog names and there are a whole bunch more if you would like any other names!

    hope i helped!! (i love black labs! they are so cute) good luck too!!!!!!!

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