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Could Obama be thinking of illegal aliens as his civilian national security force?


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He's housing so many in military bases while not allowing then to be interviewed? Who knows what Obama's national security objectives truly are?


During a media tour of a military facility in which tens of thousands of illegal children, adults, are housed, the Obama HHS has placed the following restrictions on the media. So much for the guarantee of freedom of the press.

•No recording devices will be allowed

•No questions will be allowed during the tour

•No interacting with staff and children at the shelter

•We ask that your questions be provided via email or phone after the tour to Kenneth Wolfe

•HHS ACF public affairs will provide

Update 2:

Sounds paranoid right? I guarantee you, this is a lot less paranoid than the belief Bush colluded to bring down the World Trade Center.

Update 3:

I can envision the liar trying something like that under the guise of "a path to citizenship" or some other such nonsense. The media would rally to the cause.

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    I will put it as simply as I can. This has been going on since the 30's. Obama is not the cause of our troubles. He is the product. A symptom if you will. With feminism, sexual license and welfare breaking down the bonds and morals of the American family. With abortion and birth control reducing the American reproductiveness, With the economic means and buying power of the middle class shrinking. We are now at the cusp of a fascist/socialist quiet revolution.

    See, without illegals and the America of pre-1973 still intact? We would only be at a population level of @255 millions. Still mostly European, African and Asian origins. With a measurable increase in the middle class and a vastly reduced income gap between rich and poor. Yet, we are at over 320 millions and a growing multicultural split. With a shrinking middle class and a vastly widened income gap like unto the 19th century.

    The Leftists wish our American population displaced with a compliant population of non European and non African origins. Being the south of the border populations have centuries of tradition in what the Left desires. They are the means.to have a lower class willing and grateful for socialist leaders.

    Obama is doing nothing new. Except speeding the displacement before the Democrats are recognize for what they are and tossed from power. Assuring the eventual end of American Values, Virtues and traditions. His civilian national security force is ending up being militarized non government agencies and hired civilian security guards. Through civilian leftist agencies.

    Source(s): Our leftists have learned. You can't pogrom nor murder the undesireable anymore. But, like the Chinese with the Tibetans and Mongols, you CAN displace them and reduce their populations quietly.
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    A slight shift in perspective regarding those Illegals needs to be applied in this current situation. Most of these children are from Honduras, not Mexico. Most are fleeing Honduras just to stay alive. That is greatly different than the situation we see with illegals from Mexico. It probably requires different handling than the methods required for dealing with illegals from Mexico. They just might be eligible to make the claim of being refugees. They are not fleeing their Government, but violent youth gangs which their Government will not control. Reality: It is a different situation.

    As to Obama's handling??? If they become "new" citizens, they will have little or no background in Liberty and American Life.

    A perfect tool for manipulation.

    How I would handle it: Assist Mexico in setting up refugee camps near their Southern Border and house them there until the situation in Honduras can be corrected.

    Oh, that right, Liberals Never recognize a cause, they only see symptoms and therefor they Always fail to correct the reason and waste time, effort, assets, and the lives of those they manipulate

  • Golfer
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    6 years ago

    Not the illegals but if you want to go down that line, he has armed the cartel with fast and furious, the BLM has a small army as we seen in Nevada, the secrete service is armed and many conservatives in the pentagon are gone/fired and he now controls area 51. Area 51 Who knows that may be that is his alien army.

    The main job of any president is to protect our borders and BHO is NOT doing that and the Supreme Court has ruled he is violating the Constitution.

    The Founding Fathers were called traitors, slave who fled masters were called runaways, but they got their freedoms, so why are we heading back to being dictated to by any government?

  • 6 years ago

    I think he enjoys causing controversy, at this point. He is doing nothing to unite the parties in this country. It almost seems like every move he makes is calculated to further divide us.

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    That's laughable...against an armed citizenry that hates their guts? Go ahead, try to enforce King Obozo's decrees. See what happens.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Illegals are instruments of the chaos that he , or any community organizer , tries to foment

  • Virgil
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    6 years ago

    Hard to see that,but he is beyond belief now anyway! He definitely has plans for the healthy ones!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Ah ,yeah ,no.Obama may be a total jerk in my mind but he is not stupid . He'll just let the diseases be spread slowly across the U.S.

  • 6 years ago

    No. Obama wants to expedite the deportation of illegals, but Republicans refuse to provide him the funds to do so.

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