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Army BCT Squad Leader?

I am 6'6" and heard that you get an advantage on being the platoon/ or squad leader during BCT like carrying the flag during runs and stuff. Is that true or not?

Also, any recommendations you can give me on being tall while in BCT will help, I guess.

Thanks y'all.

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    pretty much, all that stuff in basic is worthless

    it doesn't mean anything at all once basic is over with

    just gets you yelled at more while your in basic

    2. we actually had two sets of squad leaders and two flight leaders in basic

    we had two TI's that did not like each other and they both had thier own people as squad leaders, etc

    so when ever we went to formation, we had to look and see which TI was on duty at the time, so the right people could line up

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    Soldiers come in with more rank then you and those soldiers get pick to lead the platoon.

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    6 years ago

    Yes. You get an extra stripe. Try to avoid it early in the cycle. The first one or two always get busted.

  • 6 years ago

    Height doesn't really matter. Bigger target for the hodgies.

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