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LSD effects,by micrograms.?

What effects does 35 micrograms of lsd have ?

what about 50 ? 100 ? 200 ? what about 1000 ?

Describe it as much as you can,i guarantee you 10 point.

If you are gonna tell me "don't try lsd" or something like that,

don't bother answering,at all.

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    Your question is pretty impossible to answer with any certainty for a couple of reasons.

    One reason is that LSD is not produced by legitimate manufacturers, nor is it tested. Thus, whatever you are considering buying has been made by fly-by-night chemists, and the purity and dosage are completely unknown, probably even to them. The person selling you the drug may say it is LSD at such and such a concentration, but they don't really know. And this applies to everyone making, selling, buying, or using the drug. Thus, the effects of any purported dose of the drug are not really standardized, or even standardizable.

    The second reason that your question cannot really be answered is that LSD is a hallucinogen. That is, it causes hallucinations.

    Hallucinations are entirely a product of your mind. And no one can predict what their own mind, let alone another person's, might manufacture.

    If you are considering taking this drug, there are several things you should probably do.

    Take it with someone else who is experienced with it - someone who you know and can trust. Take it in an environment where you feel safe. Take it with low key lighting and relaxing music - strobe lights and punk rock are a bad idea for LSD. Be aware that the drug will last for 6 to 8 hours.

    And, as with any potentially life-changing experience, be sure that you are really ready to try it. Don't do it because your friends are doing it. Don't do it because a rock star did it. Don't do it because you want to brag about it. Do it because you have a true desire to experience it.

    LSD is strong, and if you take it for the wrong reasons or in the wrong circumstances, you could have a bad trip. So be sure of what you are doing, and do it thoughtfully.

    Beyond what I've written, there are some commonalities amongst users in terms of physical, psychological, and sensory experiences, and you can read about them in Wikipedia or on the various sites that drug users set up.

    HTH, and I would appreciate it if you would pick a Best Answer since we cannot vote for Best Answers anymore.

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