What are your thoughts about this video game called Tekken Tag Tournament?

Do you remember the video game called Tekken Tag Tournament?

The First Tag Tournament of Tekken video game character with:

-Jin Kazama

-Ling Xiaoyu

-Lei Wulong


-Nina Williams

-Forrest Law

-Paul Phoenix


-Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson


-Heihachi Mishima

-Anna Williams

-Julia Chang

-Michelle Chang

-Bryan Fury

-Armor King

-Gun Jack

-Baek Doo San


Hidden Character


-Bruce Irvin


-Lee Chaolan

-Wang Jinrei



-Kazuya Mishima

-Ancient Ogre

-True Ogre

-Prototype Jack



..and the Boss Character: Unknown

What do you think?

Arcade Version of Tekken Tag Tournament:


Youtube thumbnail


Console Version (PlayStation 2) of Tekken Tag Tournament:


Youtube thumbnail

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  • 6 years ago
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    good game,it was like a BIG deal back then...the Tag Tournament 2 was ok too,i personally liked the 2 more but the first has it's charm too

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