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Good books to study for a person wanting to go into the medical field?

I heard Gray's Anatomy by Henry James is good but what else would you recommend. I really want to study a lot so I can know some information beforehand. My only bookstore that is near me is Barnes and Noble.

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    Gray's Anatomy is fine to look at for curiosity, if you can get a cheap copy of it. I think in college, my bookstore was clearing out old copies for $10.

    You'd be better off heading to a library and reading JAMA (it's a medical journal). If you want to look at some college textbooks for different chemistries and biologies, ok, go for it.

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    Are you totally ignorant?

    Henry James is a classic novelist and nothing to do with Gray's Anatomy.

    Gray's Anatomy was published in 1858 and was written by Henry Gray. Perhaps we have learned a bit about anatomy since then.

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    No, don't waste any money on such a book. First of all, you won't understand it, and most likely it's not the required text anyway.

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