My family is in financial trouble, should i sell my mangas, my posters, my ornament plates, and comics in order to help them?

It's just that, my mom got into a car crash and now the price to fix it is going into the 5K-10K. My mom and dad are planning to ask grandma but we have a relative that asked for that kind of money and he did nothing but spend it on crap, and my mom likes to gamble and now we only have $3 in the bank. I have about 4K in the bank and it's not enough. And what's worst is that this happened around the time of the family reunion where my mom's family are making tough on her. As for dad his parents just retired from bookkeeping and they have their own medical problems to worry about. I have mangas such as Yugioh(including R & the movie manga), Sailor moon, Pet-shop of Horrors(1 original & 8 volumes of the sequel), Dr. BlackJack, Return to the Labyrinth(Based off movie), and Sakura(+18). As for comics I have TMNT collection edition Vol 1-5, and the Last Unicorn. And my ornament plates have disney themes. As for posters, I have 15 sailor moon, 1 yugioh, 2 little mermaids, and one PPG. I'm 23 years old, in college, and it feels I should do something. I'm an anime fan and I didn't want to grow up like this. I was hoping for more time at least by 20 more years. If it's all to keep my family afloat I'll be happy to make this giant sacrifice, but it feels like I'm loosing a part of my self. I think its best if my family is happy and me miserable and me happy and my family miserable. And if any of this stuff isn't enough, I have yugioh cards and old time sailor moon cards I can sell.


Forgot to add side-notes.

1. My mom only gambles once every 3 months. Her other cousin which will be unnamed has it to the point she pawned her own jewels.

2. My dad is a mail-carrier so he is employed.

3. It's not the law suite on who did the crash, it's the repair bills on fixing, parts replacing, and paint job that is causing money troubles. Who did the crash was already established though we had to pay only 10%.

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    Noble intentions but be realistic. Do you think selling all your stuff will be enough? i don't think so either. I know it's cruel but let your parents fix their own problems. They're adults. Study and get an excellent paying position so you can help them in the future if you wish :(

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    Your intentions are noble and your a good person but I dont think that the car is going to take five to ten thousand to fix. Theres actually a used car which you can buy for two to three thousand. Please know that the burden of buying YOUR parents a car should not fall on you. Your mom has a gambling problem and thats the reason you guys are going through this, otherwise she would have saved money to put in the bank. Do not sell your stuff. If anything sell a few items that might total eight or nine hundred and make sure it goes to payments, but dont give it directly to your mom because she will gamble it away. I hate to say this but it might be a lesson to your mom as far as the accident so she would have to stay home and do things in the house. The only reason that most gamblers need a car is to drive and go gamble. If your dad use to have a job and is sort of a stable person go to an auto place with him and try to get a cheap car. If your mom gambles any money your giving her, dont give her any more like EVER. You can also see if someone else is willing to buy the car parts or the car your parents have like it is and give you the money. I really hope everything works out. Your a good kid.

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    What you have to do is inform your family to declare their accounts to the court. (I'm assuming this went to court.) Your family need to address they cannot afford to pay such an amount in one payment. They need to put in writing to the legal side exactly how much they can afford to pay in installments and get the court to agree with it. No money owed should press you / your family out of house and home. There's little you can do here, but you need to suggest to your parents to go back to those your owe / the legal people and bash out what you can afford to pay. You need an arbitrator not so much a car boot sale here.

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