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Crazy Penguin Wars Cheat Coins Need:


50 coins needed for metal casing and 2 cash Lemon plus piece of wood at least or Metal Casing

Crazy Penguin Wars Cheat Coins Steps:

Start CheatEngine and Crazy Penguin Wars game window

Click on Crafting and click research button

Buy or just click lemon metal casing and piece of wood (any order)

After click research button it will research

Go to cheat engine and select the browser process

Speed hack it by 500 and it will research fast and end

When is finished set speedhack to 0

Now the game is blocked so simply click on Collect a lot of times

When is ready disable speedhack

After that reload and get your hacked coins

Note : Metal Casing is certainly not Metal Scrap dont feel confused

Yep, here:1º Step: win the tournament in 1º place,2º Step: after doing that wait for results3º Step: now, go tournament lobby and open fiddler24º Step: claim the reward,5º Step: at fiddler2, look for: /tuxwars/CollectTournamentRewards?uid=XXXXXXXXX6º Step: replay the adress how many times you want....**NOTE***You must be have the game open while make the hack*Dont refresh the page or hack will stop working

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    太難了不會拉= =

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    Metal Casing是一個合成材料

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    像是2 cash Lemon plus piece of wood 是遊戲裡的一種物品嗎?

    我沒玩過這個遊戲 這樣實在是有點難翻~




    不過我在猜Metal Casing是不是遊戲裡的一種物品?


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    >這家不錯 lv333。cC買幾次啦真的一樣


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