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Saw an ora-band commercial on tv - so how does it work?

Looking for reviews from people that actually used it. What is the mechanism by which it works? How long does it take?

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    For something basic like a teeth gap these are really effective.

    So they are quite simply the elastics that orthodontists use. They aren’t like the elastics. They ARE the orthodontic elastics that orthodontists use. The only difference is that you get the bands without the $250.00 office visit.

    So instead of having a fixed appliance like braces brackets that the bands need to be affixed to these bands go straight onto your teeth. No dental glue. No wires. They just go right on.

    I wore braces a long time ago but I didn’t wear my retainer and I ended up with a gap after a while.

    Getting braces all over again was a bridge too far for me. I only wanted to get my gap taken care of.

    When I had braces I remember my orthodontist hooking bands up from the front to the rear of my braces and across them as well. I had to do this at home every day in between office visits. I could definitely feel a big difference between the force on my teeth when I wore the bands on my braces. It was like night and day.

    So when I saw these I knew that it was the same principle because these were the same bands that I remembered having to use. Without the 5k price tag, of course.

    You just place them around your teeth and let them go. Change them out a few times a day. When your gap closes wear your retaining bands. Then it’s all done.

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    I actually used it. They work by way of the force that they apply to the teeth. It moves them toward each other until the gap is gone. You just have to put on new ones 3 or 4 times a day and you're not supposed to eat with them on. It's not like you just wear one band the whole time. You change them a few times every day. That's why they give you so many.

    While sleeping you should take advantage of the time and apply the bands. You will no doubt notice the change when you wake up in the morning.

    If you have a small gap between your 2 front teeth then use the Narrow Bands. If you have a large gap then get the Combo Pack (comes with all the different sizes of bands for all of your front teeth). If your 2 front teeth are already together and you have spaces on the outside of the 2 front teeth then just get the Wide Bands. Watch the video tutorials on their site and you'll have a good understanding about how the bands work and how to apply them.

    They are like the orthodontic elastics that an orthodontist uses except they do not require any extra apparatus (like brackets, braces, etc.). All you use is the bands.

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    I used the product after I saw the commercial. It's pretty simple to use. The force in the bands brings your teeth together. It's just for closing gaps so if you have other orthodontic issues this will not be for you. It works pretty simply as far as closing gaps goes.

    The first time I put the bands on I noticed the force right away. It took a few days for me to adjust to the bands moving my teeth but after the first few days I was fine. I just kept using them the way the directions said to. I noticed a little more progress every day until the gap was gone. It took around 3 weeks.

    It works incrementally, with your gap making a little more progress toward closing every day.

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    I saw the commercial and gave it a try myself a month ago. I had more than one gap. I had a gap between my 2 front teeth and I also had gaps in the 2 teeth beside my 2 front teeth.

    I used the Narrow Bands to bring the 2 front teeth in and I used the Wide Bands to bring in my Lateral Incisors. Then I followed up by using the Wide Bands to bring in my Canine Teeth.

    My gaps are all closed up now. You place them around the teeth that you need to bring in. Let them go and the tension in the bands move your teeth in toward each other. Just follow the transition schedule for the bands. Change them as directed in the instructions to ensure consistent progress.

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    I used these a while back. It closes your gaps. It takes a few weeks to work.

    They are really like clear rings that you put on teeth that are spaced out to bring them together. It took about 3 weeks for it to fully work for me.

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