should all drugs be legal?

drugs have only been illegal for 84 years. for the 10,000 years of civilization before that, no government ever dreamed of telling people what they can or can't put in their bodies.

while drugs can cause damage to people's bodies, far more damage is caused by drug prohibition. it bankrolls the black market, making criminals into millionaires, with which they buy guns and turn our streets into war zones.

millions of non-violent drug offenders languish in our prisons at great expense to the public. if the government regulated and taxed it instead, they could prevent drug use with education which is far more effective at stopping kids from using drugs.


furthermore, druggies only steal because drugs are expensive. they are only expensive because they are illegal. take away the illegality and you take away the crime in the streets, making them safer for our kids.

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    Here is some information on drug prohibition:

    "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law for nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase in crime in this country is closely connected with this."

    -Albert Einstein

    "Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."

    - Abraham Lincoln

    Prohibition Statistics

    • Prison Population (BBC 2006)

    -United States: 2,193,798 (overall population 313,900,000)

    -China: 1,548,498 (overall population 1,344,130,000)

    -Russia: 874,161

    -Brazil: 371,482

    • Alcohol Prohibition (MSNBC)

    A) Arrests for drunkenness and disorderly conduct up 41%

    B) Homicides, Assaults, and batteries up 13%

    C) Number of Federal convicts up 561%

    D) Federal Prison Population up 366%

    E) Total spending on penal institutions up 1,000%

    Host "We have the same exact kind of enormous jumps in incarceration, crime, and prison expenditure under this current pot prohibition."

    • Each year the United States spends 350 billion dollars on the war on drugs.

    • On any given day in the United States 1 in 9 African American males between the ages of 20 and 34 is incarcerated.

    • Mexico declares war on drug cartels in December of 2006 (BBC)

    A) 2006: 270 drug related deaths

    B) 2009: 16,337 drug related deaths

    This is when the Mexican Government stopped releasing these figures.

    • "Between January 1 and April 30, violent crime and property crime in Denver — the most populated city in Colorado, in terms of both people and weed dispensaries — dropped 10.6 percent compared to that same span one year earlier, official statistics reveal. Homicides have dropped to less than half of last year’s levels, and motor vehicle theft has shrunk by over one-third." (RT)

    • Judge Jim Gray (Reason TV)

    - Stated In 1990 we were only half as successful in prosecuting homicides as we were in 1980 due to the Reagan administration ratcheting up the drug war. This due to prosecutorial resources being devoted to drug related "offenses".

    - In Holland marijuana use is legal for everyone 16 and older. Coffee shops include marijuana. The minister of health recently held a press conference in which he stated that marijuana use within his country was half that of the United States both for adults and teenagers. He claimed that they had succeeded in making pot "boring".

    • Drug offenders in prisons and jails have increased 1,100% since 1980. Nearly 6 in 10 persons in prison for a drug offense have no history of violence or high-level drug selling activity (November Coalition)

    • According to the UN, drug prohibition has seen increases in the use of opiates, cocaine and marijuana to the effect of

    -Opiates 34%

    -Cocaine 27%

    -Marijuana 8.5% (Worldwide presumably. CNN)

    • According to DEA: (Google Tech Talks)

    - 4 million drug users in 1965 (2% of overall population)

    -112 million drug users in 2003 (46% of overall population)

    • Wholesale cocaine costs 60% less / Heroin costs 70% less (Google Tech Talks)

    • Heroin overdose rate: (Google Tech Talks)

    - 1979 = 28 deaths per 100,000 users

    - 2003 = 141 deaths per 100,000 users

    • Approximately $30,000 per year per inmate

    • 39 Million drug arrests under drug prohibition

    • 1914 = 1.3% addicted to drugs/ 2002 = 1.3% addicted to drugs (Google Tech Talks)

    • % of crimes resolved by arrest or other means (Google tech talks)

    - 1965: Murders 91%

    - 2006: Murders 60.7%, Forcible rape 40.9%, Robbery 25.2%, Aggravated Assault 54.0%, Burglary 12.6%, Larceny-theft 17.4%, Motor vehicle theft 12.6%

    • “Since 1965 marijuana arrests climbed from a mere 2 per hour to 100 per hour in 2008” (FBI/ Jim Marrs Trillion Dollar Conspiracy)

    • Decriminalized Drugs

    1. Netherlands 1976

    2. Portugal 2001

    3. Mexico 2009

    4. Argentina 2009

    • Marijuana use by tenth graders in Netherlands: 28% / Marijuana use by tenth graders in the United States 41% (Google Tech Talks)

    • Marijuana use: U.S. lifetime prevalence = 37% / Netherlands = 17% (Google Tech Talks)

    • Heroin Use: U.S. lifetime prevalence = 1.4% / Netherlands = 0.4% (Google Tech Talks)

    • After decriminalization, Portugal drug use by ages 13-15 decreased by 25%/ 16-19 decreased by 22%

    - Heroin overdose deaths decreased by 52%

    - HIV infections reported by drug users decreased by 71% (Google Tech Talks)

    • Netherlands homicide rate per 100,000 population: 1.5/ U.S. homicide rate per 100,00 population 5.6 (Google Tech Talks)

    • United States imprisons more of its' own population than any country in the history of the world. (TV Show "QI")

    BBC Prison Statistics:

    Cited videos can be found in following playlist:

    For information as to why drugs are illegal see my answer here:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (All videos combined into one)

    "Despite four US drug wars fought at a cost of nearly $150 billion, world illicit opium supply grew fivefold from 1,200 tons in 1971 to 6,100 tons 1999. Similarly, during 15 years of US biateral eradication in the Andes, coca leaf production doubled to 600,000 tons in 1999. After holding steady at 100 prisoners per 100,000 population for over half a century, the US incarceration rate, driven by mandatory drug sentencing, soared from 138 in 1980 to 702 in 2002--creating, in effect a doomsday machine that continues to fill prisons without limit or logic. At the start of the twenty-first century, the United States was fighting a global drug war by creating the world's largest prison population and defoliating mountain farms in Asia and the Andes." - The Politics of Heroin pg. 20

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    Drug prohibition prohibits certain drugs obviously. You can say it indirectly causes what your premise stated. Although that's not the case. Do not blame drug prohibition. It is the people who've seen drug prohibition ' s flaws and weaknesses and utilized that knowledge for their personal gain.

    Imagine the scenery that future generations would see if all drugs were legal. The health problems would rise and the environment wouldn't be good nor healthy for young children or for people in general. What? It can only be used with certain limits? As if they'd obey. This subject is more complex and would require a face to face conversation to get it fully explained.

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    Are you serious? "Far more damage is caused by drug prohibition"? Making drugs legal will only promote more people to do it because it would be taken less seriously. And I definitely agree preventing drug use with education. I think people need to be much more informed on how drugs really affect you. But making them legal?? Um..... no. You don't take crime away from the streets if you make drugs legal, it doesn't work like that. The effects of drugs worsen crime in the first place, so making them legal wouldn't help anything and would make people much less cautious about these things

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    Any drug that's going to be misused needs to be illegal. Some drugs are necessary for medical purposes, and those are the only ones which should be legal and only for that purpose itself.

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    WHY aren't you President?

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    Yes. I 100% agree with you.

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    No. Only synthetic drugs that are bad for you should be illegal. Things like meth, cocaine, or heroin. Leave pot, shrooms and lsd alone.

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    So that the US can make tax money off it?

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    I believe so.

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