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pregnancy pains and no relief?

OK before I even begin to explain what is going on I need to make some things very clear. One I am not a child I actually have an 8 year old daughter, an 19 month old daughter, and am 33 weeks 5 days pregnant. I am not seeking to induce labor now I am nearly seeking advice. If you do not read everything or want to be rude and insulting do not comment.

I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. My baby belly has dropped dramatically over the last few days. I was dignosed with a herniated umbilical cord ( ie. A torn muscle withing my belly button that allowed bowl intestines to stick out coming close to the surface of the skin. Causing severe pain and brusing.). I work as a manager in fast food not because I choose to because I have to in order to support my family. I deal with large amounts of pelvis pains along with back and other pains. My doctors have told me on several occations to deal with it. I am dealing with it I am just running Out of nerve. Any advice? My job is stressful, strenuous, and I must stand for ten hours a day five days a week.

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    My advice: get a new doctor. No doctor would actually tell you to deal with it. Sounds to me like you should be on bed rest.

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    Get a new dr. If your dr cared he she would listen instead of saying deal with it.

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