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    1. See here:

    2. It depends on the circumstances. In most of the case, the answer is no.

    For example, reading your mail. If your mail is deliver to a place where your parents live as well (it is not necessary for you to live with them), then they will have the right to open the mail as the occupant.

    However, if your mail is deliver to a place not related to your parents at all, then reading your mail can be a violation of your privacy, and in some cases, a criminal offense.

    3. It can be interpreted in 3 ways:

    a. Basic Law - Guarantee your right of privacy from the HKSAR Government.

    b. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Regulate activities of the private sector reagarding the use of personal data.

    c. Case precedence - Anything that the court has established regarding privacy

    Legal system in Hong Kong is weak on privacy due to colonial influence.

    4. Yes and no.

    Yes - they still have the right of privacy;

    No - The right can be exercised through parents or legal guardians.

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