Annie asked in 電腦及互聯網軟體 · 6 years ago

電腦無晒icon, 點算? help, help ....


之前試過登出再入都可以正常運作, 但尋日可以就吾得了......

之前電腦係甘自動load 野, delete 之後 又再 load 野....

請問各位高人我部腦是否而中毒, 要做 d 咩 先 load 番 d icon 出來呀?

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  • Gary
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    6 years ago
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    Your computer has not experienced any issues at all.

    If you have checked System Restore (assuming you have not turned off this function), you should have seen a Windows Update has been performed.

    In some mysterious ways, after running Windows Update, all icons on the desktop will disappear.

    The problem solving it is simple - Run the System Restore back to the point that Windows Update has performed. Then install the update one by one.

  • 6 years ago

    the normal situation shd be to take it to the computer repairer

    leaving the question here is no use and won't help ur computer to recover

    even ITs

    i tried this before

    i reset the computer for about 10 to 20 times

    and gradually broken down :D

    then i took to the repairer

    he spent about one day's time

    and make my computer the best ever

    at least better than before

    reli adprable and RELIABLE

    maybe u mind the money'but never worry ,if u see ur computer recovering ,u will be williing to pay the heavy price of repairing !

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