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Which actresses has portrayed former prime minister . . .?

margaret thatcher?

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    6 years ago
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    Meryl Streep is the most recent actress to have portrayed Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady."

    The following is a list of other actresses who has portrayed the former prime minister:

    Lindsay Ducan in "Margaret"

    Andrea Riseborough in "The Long Walk to Finchley"

    Anna Massey in "Pinochet in Suburbia"

    Greta Scacchi in "Jeffrey Archer: The Truth."

    Patricia Hodge in "The Falklands Play"

    Maureen Lipman in "About Face"

    Janet Brown in "For Your Eyes Only"

    Sylvia Syms in "Thatcher: The Final Days"

    Paula Wilcox in "Canary"

    Hilary Turner in "First Among Equals"

    Claire Cox as young Margaret Thatcher in "Handbagged," while Stella Gonet portrayed the older Margaret Thatcher in the same play

    Louise Gold in "The Alan Clark Diaries"

    Lesley Manville in "The Queen"

    Caroline Blakiston in Coup!"

    Kika Markham in "The Line of Beauty"

    Nicole Heesters in "Deutschlandspiel"

    Caroline Bernstein in "I Am Bob"

    Cameron Jack in "The Vanishing Man"

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I thought Tim Brooke Taylor did her well, but unfortunately can't find a clip. 'After a hard day's work, I like a nice cup of tea...'

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