I'd like some character name suggestions?

Characters (first, middle, & last names needed)

Main character : High school senior. He enjoys everything & is kind to all (no clique). Unsure of his path, but wants to inspire. Should be attractive, but nothing too special.Black hair & brown eyes.

Best friend : Female. In love with him. (unrequited love) Strives to be popular (dresses & acts like one). Classified as a geek for being smart. Very pretty & innocent looking. Dirty blonde wavy hair, & big green eyes.

Popular girl : Gorgeous and fit. Cheerleader. Secretly loves theatre. Brunette, & brown eyes

Boyfriend : The popular girl's boyfriend.They are the perfect couple in love. Conflicts will arise between the two though (very serious drama). Smart, multi talented, & the star athlete. Super attractive. Blonde hair & blue eyes.

Twin : The main character's twin. More of an outsider than his brother, wants to be popular. Suspicious of his brother's secret, but there for him. Can sometimes be gullible. They are mistaken for one another.

Older sister : The mother figure to her two younger brothers. Would absolutely do anything for them. A kind soul, but can be overprotective. Big brown eyes, black curly hair, beautiful girl. Age 24.

Mean girl : The popular girl's competition. Always competitive. Wants to ruin her. Threatens to expose her secret. Chestnut brown hair & brown/black eyes

I know it's a lot, but I'm more open to suggestions more than my own judgement! Thanks everyone!

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    6 years ago
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    Jake, Tom, Tristin, Theophilous, for the main character. (Really it depends on the overall feel of the book) but these are some names you could consider for the main character. Zach, Sean, Peter, Rob, David, Nick, Ron, Jack, Dan, August Daniel, Cory (or something more unusual) Cornelius

    Some last names that are pretty non descript are Cambell, Nelson, Smith, Simmons, Timothy, McGee, Brown, Moore, Tames, Stanley, Crane, Ivy, Sanders, Hathaway, Garcia, Lee, Clark, Hill, Evans, Peterson, Lister, Reed, Bailey, Snyder, Boyd, Kelly, Fergenson, Simpson, Price, Russel, Buttler, Roberson, Roberts, Coleman, Kennedy, Wells, Alvarado, Fox, Patel, and Crawford.

    Names for the Best friend;

    Eryn, Birch, Claire, Katie, Nicole, Anna, Morgan, Bianca, Angela, Angie, Dawn, Ellen, Maggie, Julie, Hazel, Grace, Naomi, Fae, Caroline, and names that don't have a striking connotation but can be pretty once considered

    I'd go with a light, girlish name for someone of this nature

    Christine, Tracy, Crystal, Nikki, Jennifer, Jessica, Sarah (which you can spice up by taking the h off) Roxanne, Ashley, Kristen, Kayla, Ally, Mallory, Chelsea, Lindsey, Courtney, Christi, Molly, Kelly, Angie, Stephanie, Taylor (Some of these can have cutey nick names) Alyssa, Emily, or Kendall

    The boy friend I would give a classic, strong name to:

    Nick, Bruce, Dylan, Zeke, Alex, Clint, Josh, Chris, Jeff, Justin, Blake, Aaron, Dustin, Curtis, Leo, etc. Something that you could name a Life Guard.

    Now, twins are tricky (being one, I know this) and it's VERY easy to seem cliche. So you want names that compliment one another but aren't cutey or rhymeish in anyway. Stay away from Alliteration, (Darren and Dustin) and go for maybe things that sound a little bit similar (Maggie and Katie, Anna and William. Here's a link to a page to help with that. It gives SEVERAL examples http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/819774/...

    I would give the older sister a strong name

    Maybe something classic like:

    Margaret/Margo, Catherine, Alice, Jane, Nelly, Mabel, Cora, Grace, Clara, (I'm going for victorian origin here, they can be quite Chic) But here are some names that have a protective/motherly/strong meaning to them:

    Alex or Alexandra, Deandra, Delmira, Mina, Merideth, Melissa, Ramona, Rosita, Sloane, Amber, Katelyn, Heather, Melanie, Wendy and Anne (again, I know.) If you don't find some of these names satisfactory, I have a name generator listed below.

    The popular girl I would go with Stacey, Kayla, Kendall, Sara, Lindsey, Candice, Karis, Parisa, Tarren, Skylar, Bridget, Georgina, Janie, Regina, Quinn or Bethany

    If none of these work out, here is a name generator for you!

    Good luck!



    Last names only






    Good, Old-Fashioned, anything you could want generator


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    6 years ago

    Main Character: Thomas Wade Wendell

    Best Friend: Emma Beth Warner

    Popular Girl: Audrey Nicole Monroe

    Popular Girl's Boyfriend: Robert Braden Lindley

    Main Character's Twin: James "Jimmy" Kristian Wendell

    Older Sister: Margaret "Maggie" Aina Wendell

    Mean Girl: Robin Taylor Anderson

    Hope at least some of these will help. Good luck with your story!

    Source(s): What I came up with based on your descriptions
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    6 years ago

    Try using the names of those you went to school with or people that you know but change the first and last names around. I do this a lot but I went to school a very long time ago and seldom see any of my school friends but even if I did I am sure they would be thrilled that they are remembered in a story.


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  • Elena
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    6 years ago

    How about telling us their ethnicity? Because I could give you names, but they'll be names originating from Mexico

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  • 6 years ago

    Lilly and sue

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