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Questions about the show Supernatural!?

I was watching Supernatural I had some questions. Alos, I'm only on S13 E5 and I'm not sure if they're answered in later seasons or not but I figured I'd see if anyone knew anyway.

1. In the ep. 'Abandon All Hope' where Jo and El die, I was wondering why Cas couldn't heal Jo? I know he was being held captive in the holy oil for a while but still, it was never even mentioned as a possibility. That seems like something an Angel could heal.

2. In the episode 'The Song Remains the Same' where Cas sends Sam and Dean to the past to save Jon and Mary, they tell Mary to leave John so that they never have kids and none of this happens but, even thought it's ridiculously sad, couldn't they just tell them to only have Dean in order to prevent this? At least its better than nothing. Or would the Devil have just gotten to Dean instead then?

Hope these q's make sense and thanks for the help! :)


Ha I wrote S13 E5 instead of S5 E13.. smh. Sorry about that. (:

2 Answers

  • Lilith
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    1. He didn't have the power at the time to heal them or bring them back from the dead. Remember in season 4 episode 16 "On the head of a Pin" Cas couldn't heal Dean after Alastair beat him and in season 5 episode 1 Cas couldn't heal Bobby after he stabbed himself.

    2. That is a good question, but if the storyline went that way it would have killed the show. And if her or John had other kids (with other people) it may have caused the same problem if they were from hunter bloodlines.

    • Art_Lvr
      Lv 4
      6 years agoReport

      Thanks! I forgot that Cas still didn't have his power then. Woops. And yeah it probably would've happened regardless as long as John and Mary stayed together. I guess it was just destiny. Thanks for your help! (:

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  • 6 years ago

    1. Because he might be able to heal her, but he can't resurrect her. Since he wasn't around, they didn't know where he was (and assumed he was in trouble or dead) and she was dying, there was no possibility of him healing her.

    2.The idea was that it had already started, with Dean. Basically, the point is they couldn't change the past when it's so established. It wouldn't have worked if she had agreed to leave John and wasn't pregnant. It wouldn't have stopped Anna who was going to kill her anyway regardless of what she did.

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