I just started playing GTA IV again since December 15 2013. after 10 mins or so it just freezes with the sound looping.?

MB. MSI ms-7793 Fm2+

AMD. A10-7700k 3.5 ghz (10 compute cores) turbo is off (4.1) when I turn turbo on

ram. gskill 8 gb 2133mhz

Video. Msi r7890 2GB 256 bit current driver catalyst 14.6

HD main. samsung evo 120gb in rapid mode

HD slave 1 tb western digital (game drive)

Audio is realtek

internet Comcast business class (80 mbps)

realtek lan

I never Had a problem with the game on my old computer I built this one back in February because Newegg was having a sale. Just wondering if anyone has an idea or experience with this issue

game is in 1080p

all settings are cranked

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    You didn't give us your power supply, I suspect your PSU might be impacting game performance. Check if any of your parts are bottlenecking - culprits are often CPU, GPU or mobo.

  • Colin
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Try dropping your settings and see if anything changes - possibly an overheating graphics card or CPU, or the CPU just can't handle the high settings you're pushing through it. Also run a diagnostic on your hard drive as any bad sectors would cause the game to crash if its trying to access data - does it always happen in the same part of the game?

    Download realtemp and MSI afterburner to keep an eye on your temps.

  • 7 years ago

    Sorry forgot to add I do use Msi Afterburner and the all the gpu cores read 35-42c when playing. I also have turned off the fan control to the cpu and have it full on when I play. the cpu reads 32c ( have and ac next to the computer which is nice) PS is a thermal take 700 watt single rail

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