Why are 21:9 movies cropped for 16:9 on TV?

I know this sounds like a simple question - but rather what I'm asking is....is it ONLY because whoever's in charge thinks black-bars on the top & bottom will turn people off? (& thus hurt viewer numbers & they'd lose money).

Back when 4:3 TVs were the norm. I know more people had issues with crops (when wide-screen movies were played), but 16:9 widescreen is pretty much the norm now, and most HD TV programs are shot in 16:9 (and if you turn to the standard-def versions of the channels, they're "bared off" to be widescreen, rather than cropped down to 4:3).

I was just surprised earlier - we changed our cable package & they gave us 1 year of STARZ free. Honestly I download any movie I want to see so I didn't care. However, when I did see some movies in the guide that I also had on my computer (but hadn't watched yet) - I decided to record them. I could be on my computer while watching, it'd be better quality than hooking my computer to the TV (they're good, but very compressed - I like to save file-space even for 1080p HD), etc. After a bit I noticed/realized the ratio fit my TV (16:9) even though I was sure the movie ratio was 21:9. I checked the same scene on the TV & my comp. & realized it was cropped (& the example scene was quite different when cropped). I just thought this was weird...that on a pay-movie-channel (more specific viewer type) on an already widescreen broadcast, they'd crop it....JUST to avoid bars?? (not much of a diff. as with widescreen vs. 4:3)

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Most people hate letterboxing. Studies have been done since the 60s and have come to the same conclusion.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can view that free of charge at http://tiny.cc/moviemax in HI-DEF quality.

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