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Can I live on my ow if I have a disability?

Hi I am 22 years old and I am disabled. I live in the state of Iowa and I need to know if i can live by myself if i can put my mind to it. I live with my parents. My mom is my guardian of SSI and care taker. I tried to find info on Google and I can't find anything. When I was walking in Oskaloosa, I saw a SICIL building for people that has disabilities. I don't know if they offer classes for independent living skills. Why I am asking all this is because I have to deal with thing at home with My parents and siblings examples, fighting, complaining, and etc. I really wish I can live on my own when I have disabilities. Some people had talked sense to me about living on my own. I do want to work at a site called COC. It's a work site for disabled people. I would hate tp leave my parents on a bad note. But it's time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.

PLEASE! Be honest about these answers what should I do?

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    The SICIL place you saw is, The Iowa Statewide Independent Living Council.

    I suggest going to the following place: South Central Iowa Center for Independent Living. It is located at:

    117 First Avenue West

    Oskaloosa, IA 52577

    It may be the same place you saw. They should be able to assist you.

    I am a high school special education teacher in Iowa. While my students are in school, I help them come up with a plan that will help them gain the skills needed to live on there own in the future. Did you ever work with a IVRS counselor when you were in high school? They should of helped you so you could live on your own at this point.

    I have never met you before, but I have a feeling that you would have many of the skills needed to be able to live on your own. You stated that you were walking around town, this means that mobility should not be an issue when it comes to living on your own. It also seems like your writing/communication skills are where they need to be in order to live on your own. You have the ability to come on here and search for answers. As a teacher we call this Self-determination. What that means is that you are reaching out to meet the goal that you have to live on your own.

    The following are some of the key independent living skills that I look for in my high school students:

    being able to: Keep a clean/safe living space, do own laundry, cook for self(don't need to be a chef), ability to shop for self, knows the costs of living on own and knows how to budget for expenses, knows how to apply and get an apartment, being able to manage bank account, knows all the costs associated with car ownership(getting license, plates, loans, insurance,etc), knows about taxes taken from paycheck and how to file for taxes every year.

    My guess is that you may qualify for some kind of HUD-subsidized/Section 8 housing. This would help make living on your own more affordable. By reaching out for help you may realize that you have skills that extend beyond your job at the COC site. If you have do have goals, I suggest you reach out to Indian Hills Community College.

    * Never let anyone tell you that someone with a disability can not live on their own. Many do!! It seems as if you do not have much support from your family, so your will to meet your goals is really going to be up to you.

    There is a program at the University of Iowa that may interest you. I am not sure if this would be a good fit for you, but it would be worth checking it out. They would help build your independent living skills, work experience, and give you a college experience if you have not had one. It is my understanding that someone who needs financial help can get 75% of it paid for. You may be able to find some other assist available that would help pay for the other 25%.

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    Well I live in the UK and over here it depends on the disability whether you live alone or not, but many people do so I can't see it being any different where you are.

    Many people who are disabled can live a normal life in a place of their own, in which you can also have a carer come visit if need be. My step father's uncle has lost his legs and has false ones and he lives on his own. He has his food delivered by a company that specialises in food for the elderly and disabled, and I think he has a nurse come visit to assist him with things. The only time I've known him not be able to live on his own was a few months ago when he broke his hip. The hospital made him stay there whilst be recovered and then transferred him to a nursing home.

    That aside, he is back home and indipendant again.

    Best wishes!

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