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3.2 GPA in high school?

Hi! I am currently going to be a Junior next year in high school. Freshman year, and beginning of Sophomore year, I messed up. I didn't give a crap about school that much and the first 3 semesters, I ended up getting basically all 3.0 or 3.1. The last semester, my boyfriend helped me realize I need to bump it up a little and I ended up getting a 3.64 as my semester GPA. I realized, if I keep trying like I did, it would go up. I currently have a cumulative of 3.27 and I am in basically all regular. I am going to take more honors classes and one AP class senior year, but I am not expecting to get into a fancy college. My parents have a lot of debt and they want me to go to a community for the first two years. But I am also in JV track and field and plan to do cross country. So, that would help! So my question is, do you think I could at least make it to a 3.5 by senior year. I only have 4 more semesters to do this.

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    Getting a 3.0 is not giving a crap about grades? Yeah you're some rebel.

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    Hi! If you get good grades in your honors classes it should help your GPA.. I'm gonna be a senior this year and I started taking dual credit classes this last year which are classes that give you college credit.. Anyways I really worked hard to get good grades so my college GPA wouldn't be bad and I ended up getting a's and boosting my high school GPA a whole point and a half... If you normally don't get a's all of the time, then I suggest you really try to start because they will really help with your GPA.. Hoped that helped :)

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    If you got a 4.0 for your senior year, your GPA would average to a 3.45 overall, so no I don't think it would be possible unfortunately. However, you can still do really well and if you maintained a 3.64, as you did this year, you would end up with a 3.36 cumulative GPA. Don't worry too much about it though, if you go to a community college for the first two years of college you can DEFINITELY get in, and if you keep up good grades in college you'd be able to transfer to a better one no problem.

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    Just try to get a 4.0 next year and you will be fine

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    good job

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