Going to write a Scifi/Adventure novel Need some help.?

So Im going to write a Sci-fi Novel but I do not want to accidentally copy from other books/movies when I write it, because I want it to be completely original. The title is going to be called "The city in the heavens." Basically it's going to be a city that was built for people with special skills, and for people who heavily invested in the infrastructure and business platforms in the city. I have an idea what it will be about, and it revolves around a male character, who's pretty young, who has just joined thier Police Investigation Force, or PIF for short. He follows leads with an older Investigator who was there when the Force was established. They follow leads, and bread crumbs to find criminals looking to exploit the city. Basically I figured I wanted to write this today and came up with the idea at work... Im in Security and it's the weekend so yeah it get's boring lol. Thanks for your help.

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    If I tell you what to write it will no longer be original.

    You've picked the general subgenre of scifi, crime fiction. We'll get back to that.

    OK, so start by actually deciding why your future is worth reading about. You've decided on a vague utopia to place your story.

    I want you to come up with at least one new thing in your future world, which we don't have today. Then I want you to think up ten things in current society which would be changed by that one thing. Then discard five of those things as being less than brilliant, but I still want you to think of ten.

    Nothing bush league like "closed circuit tv and computers," because we've all already seen how those make differences. One security guard can now cover a hundred cameras and a computer, with the right software can search millions. You can use such cutting edge technology, but if that is the best idea you can come up with for a future world, I can tell you that nothing you write is going to be very original, as we already live in that world and a number of good authors have already written about such worlds. Quite likely, you'll be borrowing such ideas for your future, but I want one real novel idea from you before you start.

    OK, so you've just altered the future society.

    How does that change your job? How is a cop going to be working differently in your future world?

    Only then do you start thinking about the crime.

    Which leaves you with the choice of the oldest crimes. Murder for instance never goes out of style.

    Or is it a new crime? Something dependent on new technology? Plenty of new crimes in scifi.

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    It's probably been done but who gives a ****? Everything's been done before! Go out and write it /better/ than the thing that did it first, that's the secret of writing.

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    What exactly is the question here? It sounds like you have a good idea for a plot, so get writing and have fun telling this story! It doesn't sound too similar to anything to me.

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    i haven't heard of anything like that before but you migt like to change the police force's name coz star wars or star trek or whatever it is already has a "the Force"

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