Why attend U. of Virginia or U. Michigan for law school?

If someone has a choice of law schools ranked between 6 and 15 by US News & World Report, such as Cornell and Penn (both Ivy League) and Duke, why would anyone pick U. of Virginia or U. of Michigan, which are less-prestigious universities overall? Only U. of Virginia and U. of Michigan Law Schools are ranked in the top 15; most other programs at those two universities are in the 20s or 30s.

If you say you go to Cornell, Penn or Duke, you'll get respect, and people will know that you're smart. If you say that you go to U. of Virginia or U. of Michigan, people won't necessarily know that you're really smart, since those state schools overall are ranked far below Cornell, Penn or Duke. Only some lawyers will know that you're smart if you say that you go to U. of Virginia or U. of Michigan.

So...unless you get in-state tuition or a generous scholarship, why not pick a law school that is part of a very prestigious university, rather than a comparably difficult law school that is part of a less-well-regarded university?

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    Could you be more of an academic snob? It is not the tool that makes the artist, mechanic, etc. It is the person and how he or she uses the tools. Law degrees from the "prestigious" institutions are a "class" type arrangements that are use by similar shallow people. Perhaps you are not aware that the Ivy League is an athletic conference and not an academic "league" recognized by any academic system. I rather attend a law school with my taste as to people and location rather than this shallow perception you make a reference. "Respect?" "Smart?" These can be easily cancelled by being a snob, obnoxious, status seeking person that wear the diploma all day long to indicate his, or her, status. In your mind the flunky just made the grade graduate of an Ivy League school is deserving of recognition based on the prestige of the school?

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      I graduated from Harvard so I am very aware of what the Ivy League is. I do not see why someone would short himself or herself of a good name on a resume.

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