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Not a lot in common with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend just told me that it bothers him that we don't have much in common. I realized we really don't except for our future goals. We're in a long term relationship and he told me it's been bothering him for awhile. We have very different life styles. His is more busy with sports and mine is quite laid back and simple. I need some advice on what to do. We both have made it clear we are not splitting up. We simply want to know what to do to have more in common.

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    Find common ground in what you do. You like being laid back, cheer him from the sidelines. Do relaxing outdoor activities together like kayaking or hiking. If he works out at the gym read a magazine or book next to him and talk to each other. Sometimes you two can stay at home and chill together and sometimes you can compromise and go participate in his activities. Find obscure activities that neither of you would normally do on your own but both dont mind doing together. Remember that sometimes it isn't what you are doing but who you are doing it with.

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    Do more things together, try doing what eachother like doing and then you might start forming interests in eachother a things, but also remember opposites attract, it's good sometimes and interesting and have thing to talk about if you both do different things

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