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舜澤 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 6 years ago



1. On ___B___ by the teacher, Sam confessed his mistakes.

(A) questioning (B) being questioned (C) questioned (D) was questioned


2.In the cross-lake swimming race, a boat ____C____ by in case of an emergency.

(A) have been stood (B) will be stood (C) might be standing (D)will be standing


3. We all have had the experience ___D___ by them.

(A) which is disturbed (B) that has been disturbed

(C) to be disturbed (D) of being disturbed


p.s. them指的是mosquitoes(蚊子)

4._______ our blood, they are certainly the most annoying insects in our life.

(A) To drink (B) Sucking


5.____C___ things around you carefully, and you can also turn common things into wonders.

(A) To observe (B) By observing (C) Observe (D) Observing


6.A variation ___A___ the pitch of a voice or the rate of speech can be a sign of lying.

(A) in (B) for (C) with (D) on


7.The Yanshui Fireworks Display, __(1) C____ in Taiwan every year,

is a festival __(2) _B___ fun.

(1) (A) which held (B) is held (C) held (D) taken place

(2) (A) which full of (B) filled with (C) is filled with (D) which filled with

這兩小題:(1) 答案為何是C呢,求此詳解?? (2) 答案為何是B呢,求此詳解??

8.People there celebrate the Lantern Festival by ___C___ fireworks in the street.

(A) going off (B) setting off (C) pulling off (D) exploding

這題答案為何是 C呢,求此詳解??

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  • Louis
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    6 years ago
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    1. On being questioned by the teacher ....在被老師問到時...


    2.... a boat will be standing by ...一艘船將會待命...


    in case of emergency 以防萬一

    3...the experience of being disturbed by them.

    disturbe的「動名詞被動態」是being + p.p.


    4.Sucking our blood,....



    5. Observe ... and you can ...



    6.應選(D) on

    A variation on something is the same thing presented in a slightly different form.

    字典例句:Many theories on punishment exist, all of which are variations on a theme.

    p.1856 Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, "variation"

    7.The Yanshui Fireworks Display, (which is) held in Taiwan every year, is a festival (which is) filled with fun.

    兩個修飾語都是使用表示被動的「過去分詞」,也可以都加上which is成為形容詞子句。但用分詞會比較簡潔。

    8. ... setting off fireworks ...點燃煙火...



    pull off的用法如下:

    If you pull off something very difficult, you manage to achieve it successfully.

    If a vehicle or driver pulls off the road, the vehicle stops by the side of the road.

    see p.1331 Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, "pull off"

    2014-07-06 00:19:16 補充:

    更正:6.應選 in



    A variation is a change or slight difference "in" a level, amount, or quantity.

    題目裡的variation in the pitch是指音高的變化本身

    The survey found a wide variation "in" the prices charged for canteen food.


    2014-07-06 03:50:38 補充:

    3. might be standing by...給人的感覺是說這話的人對是否有救生船這件事不肯定,他只是在猜測也許有。如LionEnglish大師說的,這個選項也可以選。

    2014-07-06 03:54:40 補充:

    更正:2. might be standing by...


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  • 6 years ago

    1. on +Ving= upon +Ving 表"一...就..."


    2. (C) might的可能性比較低,但這句應該是說"會有船待命以免有緊急狀況發生,"


    3. 只是考"...的...,"名詞的所有格而已,ex the name of the book

    the experience of N (所以這裡就跟第一題被動的動名詞很類似)

    2014-07-06 23:14:47 補充:

    4. 答案是(B)

    5. A and B, and 既然叫"對等連接詞," A, B 結構要對稱,B 是句子,A 當然也是(其實就是祈使句啦) Walk faster, and you won't be late. 走快一點,那麼你就不會遲到。

    6. in 多用於表示 在...方面


    A differ from B in 表示A與B在....方面不同,variation 就是difference,當然事一樣用 in

    8. 答案錯了,應是 set off fireworks/firecrackers 放煙火/鞭炮

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  • 6 years ago

    第六題我想答案應該是 (A)in。 variation 沒有固定介係詞,聲音 pitch 的變化應該用 in。

    2014-07-06 00:20:04 補充:

    第二題 (D)will be standing by 當然沒有問題,但 (C)might be standing by 也可以,意思不同而已。


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  • 給十點有點少 如果只是簡單解的話 十點夠了

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