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Whats name of this movie (with plot)?

I was watching a movie going home from vacation in Baguio in the bus i see this adventure movie heres the plot a boy and a girl was on camping with their parents and Alaskan Malamute dog then the boy and the girl and the dog got lost together when a helicopter come out however the pilot didnt see them so the boy and the girl and the dog went adventuring when wolves started attacking them were they throwed rocks at them and they runned then they got hungry so they went fishing then when they were done a grizzly bear came out and attacked them when they runned then the boy almost fell on a cliff then the girl tried to help but its not working so they talked when their parents got their with golf car and help the boy get out of the cliff and it thats the plot but please no rude answers i dont know this movie yet i just want to know the name

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    FOUND IT! It's called AGAINST THE WILD (2014)


    Young Hannah Wade and her brother Zach go to visit their father, who is separated from their mother. On the way in a small plane piloted by Captain Walker (John Tench) they have engine trouble and the plane crashes in dense woods. The pilot is hurt and Hannah and Zach, uninjured, decide to go search for medical help. CJ Adams as Zach and Erin Pitt as Hannah do a wonderful job in this movie. As do Natasha Henstridge as the mother Susan and Ted Whittal as the father Robert. And the kids do have company during their search in the form of their Alaskan Malamute.

    The kids encounter some problems, such as Hannah falling in the rapids, and Zach falling over an incline and being stuck on a rock below. In fact, they even face a pack of wolves and a grizzly bear!

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