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Is there anything I can say or do so the electricity company turns my light back on faster?

I live in South bend IN, and there was a big storm a couple days ago which knocked down a huge tree in our backyard and some power cables. The power stayed on after that but they ended up just cutting the cables that were down and leaving me with no electricity! I understand the power cables that were down are very dangerous but i dont understand why they didnt fix it right there...Well I called AEP and they said they could turn our power back on HOPEFULLY by Saturday. I have a toddler and I don't know what I'm going to do without electricity for almost a week. And don't have extra cash to go anywhere else :'( at the moment I'm sitting in my car charging my cellphone while my toddler sleeps..

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    There's nothing you can do. There are probably thousands of people without power and you have to wait your turn. The reason they didn't fix it on the spot is it would take too much time. Power cables were down everywhere and they couldn't leave live wires on the ground elsewhere to connect your power.

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    When this happened their immediate concern was safety and that is why they were rushing around cutting supply and isolating live cables, probably in many places and not just yours. It takes a lot longer to safely reinstall supplies, new cable and so on. They'll get to you as soon as they can. For future reference you could, and should, lay in a supply of torches, candles, matches and so on, together with a camping stove and fuel for just such emergencies. Is there no store near you where you could get such stuff now?

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    Like any part of the country which gets hit with a minor disaster, you must just wait until they get t your home. you can try to stay with friends or family see if your town has a shelter you can stay at during the day.

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    Invest in a portable generator if this issue occurs often.

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