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Is my mom being hypocrite? Should i move out?

Ok so my mom has been in a really bitchy mood towards me since my father cheated on her. She told me to kick him out of the house for her(my dad lives in a separate house in mexico and mom can't go because of her imigration status) and i could kick him out because well he is my dad and he might be the worst person on earth but he will still be my dad and i will still care for him and i told my mom i would support her emotionally but she wanted for me to kick him out by force and i just couldn't and i was between the wall and a sword with that situation. Since then she has been really sarcastical and really uneasy just towards me. Two weeks ago we were supposed to go to the pool where my dad and our aunts and uncles would take us there and my mom didn't let us go because of what my dad did and we went anyway and when we arrived home she took our stuff she bought for us and kicked me out of the house twice. Since that she has been really quiet just towards me and today she sent me to some errands and i just made a couple of jokes about the errand she sent me to and she got super pissed towards me and called me a snitch and other stuff.. Even though i've been good to her emotionally and i've obeyed her she starts talking sh*t to me and telling me she wont sign an approval for an operation i need?! This is just a few examples! What should i do? What is her deal? Should i move out? The only thing holding me here is my brother and sisters but just that

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  • Este
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    7 years ago

    Like Rin said, I am very confused about your question. He's not there so how can anyone kick him out? Your mom can't go because of her immigration status but where is she going? Mexico? How old are you, are you old enough to leave? Leave where and live where? Do you have a job?

    Please clarify your questions so we can come up with better input.

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    I'm confused...why does she want him out of a house she doesn't live in? Either way it sounds like you are siding with the one that hurt her. That is why she is mad, which is justified.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I've been in a very similar situation. You just have to give her some time..maybe even months. But trust me it has to get better. No you shouldn't move out, why? Well first like i said she needs some time. I mean she was cheated on by your father! Second you have siblings to be there for. Im assuming your the oldest and should also be there for them even if your not the oldest. Hope everything ends well! Stay strong! :D

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your "mom can't go because of her imigration (sic) status"? Sorry, I can't help then.

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