Games missing from steam?

So recently some of the games in my steam library have had trouble running. Half life, for example, failed to launch, so I uninstalled it. Afterwards, it was not in my library and it's steam store page didn't acknowledge that I owned it. Later, Skyrim was doing the same thing, it wouldn't launch, and the store page asked me to buy it again. So obviously I'm not uninstalling it. This problem has me worried as hell, as I'm not sure what else I'll lose and if I'll ever get back the games I lost. I'm not sure if alot of people are having this problem, maybe the recent summer sale messed something up.

If no one can offer suggestions, please share if you are having similar experiences. (Because unless everyone else has a problem valve isn't going to fix it.)

Ps: I was able to launch the skyrim exe from the steamapps folder.

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  • 6 years ago
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    you can get onto steam support about the issue:

    it might take a few days, but sometimes there are server issues and glitch's that do cause games to disappear and then come back after a few days.

    make sure your not using a Beta version of Steam, at the top 'Steam' and then settings, Account, there is a 'Beta Participation' section there.

    there is also a file in the Steam installation folder called 'ClientRegistry.blob' (you can right click on the steam icon, 'open file location' which will take you to the folder) deleting this and then starting steam will cause steam to redownload all your lists and user data, which might correct the issue.

    • Kyle6 years agoReport

      Well as it turns out, I think steam changed the way you share games across separate accounts on the same computer. I had two accounts and I shared games between them, so the account I was playing on couldn't access the games, so luckily I got it all figured out. Thanks for your answers though!

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  • MaX
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    6 years ago

    If you brought games using credit card, then it could have later been declined resulting in removal of games from your Steam account

    Contact Steam support - (you'll need to create new account) to ask why games are disappearing from your account

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