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So I just recently accepted a babysitting job. I was informed that the little girl I am babysitting for who is 6 yrs old, is also in a wheelchair. She was in a car accident with her father and 2 yr old brother, and is the only survivor. Sad to say. Her mother is also hard of hearing and can only read lips or communicate through emails or texting. I have no problem caring for a child in a wheelchair. I just want to know, what are some questions I could ask the mother about caring for her child. How can I treat the child so that she doesn't feel like she is disabled? What are some activities that we could do?

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    6 years ago
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    Health issues: what kind of special care do you need to provide due to her disability - food restrictions - activitiy restrictions - bathroom care - etc. these are "must knows" so her safety is ensured.

    Activities: ask what she likes to do - any hobbies - places you can both go to - favorite shows - board games - cooking - playtime - things you can incorporate right away that she might really like or already be comfortable doing

    Discipline: how does mom discipline? Timeouts, no TV, loss of other privileges. Make sure you are on board with how to handle her if she is uncooperative.

    Really once you know how her safety and physical care should be handled, you can move on and focus on a daily plan just as you would with a 6 yo who is not confined to a wheelchair. Maybe let her be part of the planning too if she is capable. Always leave room for some downtime, but kids get excited when you engage with them and just hang out with them. Bring an activity each day from your own home too. It will be something new for her to explore

    The fact that you are planning ahead will make it easier on both of you. You'll do a great job :) Just remember, that wheelchairs is just one small part of her. First and foremost, she is a 6 yo girl, so think about what you liked to do at that age too.

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  • 6 years ago

    Well you should ask how the parents treat their child so you can know what to do,

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