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Is correct this italian sentence?

"Ieri io e Mara comprammo due pizze, ma non riuscimmo a finirne nemmeno una!"

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    wrong... well the sentence is correct but if you use the word "ieri" (yesterday) you can't use "passato remoto" you should use "passato prossimo"

    so the sentence should be instead...

    "Ieri io e Mara abbiamo comprato due pizze, ma non siamo riusciti a finirne nemmeno una!"

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    Yes :)

    Though where I live (Northern Italy) you would be more likely to say "abbiamo comprato" and "siamo riusciti". But, especially in written Italian, your sentence is better because the thing you are talking about isn't affecting the present.

  • Matt.
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    Yes, but as MissMalfoy said, comprammo e riuscimmo are not very likely to be used. They both sound odd, they're not really commonly used anymore. So you'd better say ''abbiamo comprato'' and ''siamo riusciti''.

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