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Help with medicare?

Hi, I'm trying to apply for Medicare for my Dad and it's pretty confusing. So I am leaning towards a supplemental plan, but am not understanding it fully.

So obviously I need to compare plans and see what works best for my Dad, but with that being said, do I still go on the website, sign him up for Medicare, then go out and find a supplemental plan afterwards? Do I not sign up for Part B (on, if the supplemental plan will take care of that part of the coverage? How come some supplemental plans are free and others cost monthly?

I'm sorry if this question is confusing, but I'm confusing myself as well.

So to try to summarize this:

I want to sign my Dad up for Medicare, I want to sign up for a supplemental plan, would the steps to do this be to sign up on then contact insurance companies after for supplemental coverage?

I don't want to neglect to sign him up for any coverage, I hope these questions were thorough enough. Thanks in advance.

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  • Zarnev
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    6 years ago
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    Yes, Medicare is very confusing.

    If your dad is on Social Security he'll automatically be sent his Medicare card ~3 months prior to his 65th birth month. It will have both Part A and Part B. If he is not on Social Security he needs to go on the Social Security website about 3 months prior to his birth month to sign up for Medicare. He doesn't have to sign up for SS if he doesn't need or want to.

    He needs both Part A and Part B unless he is working and on a group policy through his employer that has more than 20 lives, in which case he can decline Part B. and continue to use the group policy.

    Once he has Part A and Part B in place (and he has to have both) he can sign up for additional coverage. He has a choice between a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan. There are pros and cons with both types.

    A Supplement comes in different flavors. You have your choice of Plan A, B, C, D, F, hi ded F, G, K, L, M, and N. You also have special Plan C and Plan F plans with some companies in some areas. Plan F is the most comprehensive and also the most expensive. Medicare Supplements do not have drug coverage, so he needs to purchase a separate stand alone drug plan.

    A Medicare Advantage plans also comes in different flavors. HMO, HMO/POS, PPO, PFFS, MSA, SNP, Dual, Cost, and PACE plans. These plans are county and even zip code specific so he needs to research what is available in his county. Some of these plans have a low or even a $0 premium in some places, and many will have drug coverage included.

    The best way to go about this is to contact an agent that works with both types and works with all of the major companies in his area. The agent can help him determine which plan will be the best for him. There is no charge using an agent and the cost of the plan is the same going through an agent or doing it yourself.

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    • Zarnev
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      6 years agoReport

      I tried to answer your email but you must not allow emails because all I get is your profile page. Here is a good place to start:

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