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Green tint in hair?!?

So the bottom half of my hair has been bleached in attempts to achieve ombre hair. However I didn't like the results of it so I have tried to slowly dye my hair back to a darkish brown. I've read about it all- having to go red then brown so my hair wouldn't have a green tint to it... But it seems that no matter what I do the green tint always comes back!

So my question is if I stop trying to dye my hair red/ dark brown and leave it as it is.. Will the green tint go away? Will it just fade to a light brown? I don't plan on dying my hair anymore so I am wondering how it would be if I just left it as is.

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    Is the brown dye you're using an ash color? Ash colors usually contain a green undertone. Since your hair was bleached, it could be holding onto those green tones because your hair shaft is now damaged from the bleach (even if it doesn't feel damaged,) leading it to be more porous. I recommend buying a warm brown color. Like a golden brown. It will probably come out neutral being that you have a green base on your hair already. Go buy a dark golden brown or dark warm brown. Anything like that should work :) good luck!!!

    Source(s): Years of hair and chromatics :)
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  • 6 years ago

    I think that u should wash ur hair everyday then with every wash the color fades so I think the green tint might turn lighter....

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