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What would name 8 siblings with these names?

At least two of each gender. Spelling changes are okay as long as the pronunciation would still be the same. You can also add ages/personalities/etc if you want!

Girls: Lily, Lillian, Rose, Rosalie, Raegan, Ivy, Holly, Jade, Victoria, Claire, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Ella, Grace, Juliette, Ruby, Isabelle/a, Charlotte, Avalyn, Scarlett, Vivian, Kiara, Keira, Fiona, Juliana, Julie, Denise, Genevieve, Elinor, Ariel, Ariana, Sophia, Talia, Violet, Cassidy, Eliana, Sasha, Brooklyn, Ariadne, Evelyn, Paige, Islan, Matilda, Helena, Caroline

Boys: Thomas, Peter, David, William, Liam, Maxwell, Luke, Lucas, Evan, Isaac, Alexander, Jackson, Jack, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel, Noah, Parker, Garrett, Declan, Landon, Henry, Toby, Walt, Walter, Gabriel, Oliver, Ethan, Elliot, James, Joseph, Benjamin, Theodore, Julian, Robert, Kieran, Harrison, Nathaniel, Collin, Jesse, Finley

Unisex: Riley, Taylor, Cameron

BONUS: Which of these do you like best/hate the most?


Edit: Isla, not Islan. My bad.

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  • 6 years ago

    Lily Grace

    Raegan Jade

    Juliana Rose

    Thomas James

    Kieran Toby

    Lucas Harrison

    Eliana Claire

    Oliver Finley

  • 6 years ago

    Keira Isabelle

    Ariana Violet

    Talia Jade

    Lily Victoria

    Sasha Rose

    Ivy Matilda

    James Isaac

    Jack Alexander

  • 6 years ago

    Evelyn Rose

    Scarlett Grace

    Isla Jade

    Violet Paige

    Jackson Oliver

    Elijah Thomas

    Declan Peter

    Jesse Isaac

  • Ebony
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    6 years ago

    Isobel Paige

    Lily Sasha

    Holly Jade

    Ella Cassidy

    Isaac William

    Noah Parker

    Riley James

    Jack Benjamin

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  • 6 years ago

    Genevieve Caroline Violet.

    Ella Matilda Grace.

    Isaac Elliot Nathaniel.

    James Benjamin Oliver.

    Theodore Maxwell Taylor.

    Julian Henry Elijah.

    Finley Thomas Walt.

    Charlotte Evelyn Juliet.

    -- Genevieve, Ella, Isaac, Jack, Theo, Julian, Finn, + Charlotte. --

    Bonus: Out of the ladies: I love Genevieve! I don't care for Lindsey or Avalyn. For the gentlemen: I adore Julian, Finley, and Theodore. I don't like Garrett or Ethan.


  • 6 years ago

    • Ella Ivy 'Ella'

    • Isobel Lilly 'Belle'

    • Avalyn Grace 'Ava'

    • Violet Cassidy 'Vi'

    ° Toby Isaiah 'Tobs'

    ° Noah Henry 'Noah'

    ° Lucas Oliver 'Luca'

    ° Elliot Jackson 'Eli'


    Girls: Jade, Violet, Evelyn, & Isobel

    Boys: Oliver, Lucas, Isaiah, & Elliot


    - Lillian Claire "Lily"

    - Rosalie Jade "Rosie"

    - Juliet* Brooklyn

    - Isabel* Sophia "Bel"


    - Isaac Peter "Zac"

    - Noah William

    - Parker Finley

    - Oliver Thomas "Ollie"

    * spelling changes - Juliette to Juliet, Isabelle to Isabel


    - Lillian, Rosalie, Jade, Claire, Juliette, Isabelle, Charlotte, Elinor, Violet, Paige

    - Isaac, Noah, Parker, Oliver, Theodore, Finley


    - Ivy, Holly, Ella, Avalyn, Denise, Ariadne, Isla

    - David, Liam, Luke, Lucas, Evan, Isaiah, Garrett, Walt, Collin, Jesse

  • Megara
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    6 years ago

    1. Rose Evelyn


    2. William Peter

    3. Daniel Parker

    4. Jack Benjamin

    5. Kieran James

    6. Lillian Charlotte

    7. Scarlet Matilda

    8. Caroline Ruby

  • 6 years ago

    4 girls,4 boys

    Lily grace

    Arianna rose

    Scarlett ivy

    Ariel Matilda

    Noah Joseph

    Isaac James

    Elijah jack

    Ethan Theodore


    Helena,Parker,Walter,Kieran & Jesse

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Ella Juliana

    Avalyn Grace "Ava"

    Ariana Paige "Ari"

    Violet Genevieve

    Liam Elijah

    Jackson Finley "Jax"

    Noah Landon

    Parker Lucas

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