Life Happiness Is Subjective?

Hello, I am have more an oppinion to ask or views than questions? So I am a 21 years old college student for art. I am volunteering right now too as an artist assistant. I am thnakful for everything I have in my life so far, but sometimes other things like seeing some things classmates have kind of distract me from being appreciative of what I have to the fullest than what I don't have. This one person had been to more places than me and is in a higher University. She is popular we are actually both orginally from China from the same orphange so I have known her my whold life. I heard we were crib buddies lol. I don't remember that anyways .I have been to China cities include Bejing, The Great Wall,Hong Kong, Chengdu People's Great Hall & The Panda Zoo petting a baby panda, and Tibet. I have been to Cancun, Mexico, Miami FL, Wisconsin Great Lakes,Yellostone, Arizona, Oregon, Washington State,Las Vegas &Reno NV, Colorado mesas, Chicago Airport, Dallas airport, Maui airport, Wakki, Kona, Princeville Hawaii. Idaho for our dog. Montana, Taos New Mexico. We go to Southern California 2 times a year from the Bay Area. So only 2 countries out of the US. I also heard more than half of Americans have not been outside the country. Also sometimes I forget that the western world is overly blessed compared to 70% of people who don't have oppotunities as the USA. They are happy with just having close family and helping their local friends and neighbors, even though they never have traveled.

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    6 years ago
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    You sound sweet but lay off the panda thing.

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  • 6 years ago

    You are happy, the main thing

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