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How to handle unexpected run ins with exes?

Any advice on how to handle a run in with an ex who then texts you after you bump into each other? We have not spoken is a year, ended badly, they were very deceptive.

Is ignoring the best, or being friendly? I responded to the txt and have been thinking about them all day!

What are you thoughts on running into someone? Do you feel it is just coincidence or can it mean more?

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    First off, I can tell from your question and description that you clearly still feel something (however small) for them. The fact that a text sends your mind swirling with thoughts of them is proof enough and don't even tell me I'm wrong, darling. Now, strictly speaking, since things ended poorly and deceptions were revealed, I would not go back into a relationship with them for fear of the cycle repeating. However, there are exceptions to the rule and this might be it perhaps. Running into an ex does not have to be some terrifying experience. I would treat them politely but not too warmly - and certainly don't be cold or snobbish toward them (since you are, of course, above all that petty snobbery). Stay polite and if they continue conversation or even want to step out with you, go for it. A date can't hurt and you can then test the waters much more easily.

    Hope this helps - those ex run-ins are often quite the shocker, lemme tell ya. :D

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    If they don't spot you in time get out of there ascp.

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