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Celtics fan question for you guys?

I hate how younger kids don't get bill Russell Sam jones, Larry Bird ,DJ Danny , Kevin mchal and all other of great no respect. people said Bill had no one to go against. I laugh and said he went against , the Big O jerry Lucas. Willis Reed Wilt Jerry west Elgin Baylor Gail Goodrich. Hal Greer.

anyways. I wish they gave more of these HOF more respect

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    Bill Russell days were different.

    Winning most of those championships, by having to win 2 playoff series. It's just not the same.

    And people try to say the East is weak now hah. Imaging having to win a 5 game series to make the Finals (and playing a team that is barely over .500 in a lot of cases, or with a losing record in some years).

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      If you were a top seed you got an automatic trip to the conference finals.

      Both teams they faced in the playoffs had a losing record that season. They won a championship w/o having to beat a team with a winning record that season.

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    people who try and believe russell had challenge are delusional. he was just bigger than everyone. it wasnt at all like basketball we have today. defense was weak, not much strategies going on, they barely even dribbled and to get the ball down the court they just passed it lol ITS NOTHING AT ALL like basketball we have today, therefore, his championships dont count.

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