if Jane Doe In Pretty Little Liars body was found in Season 4 then where is 'Courtney ' Alison Crazy Twin body?

oki so im confused for pretty little liars thing so the book says that there was Courtney DiLaurentis alison twin sister crazy one who toke over Alison reall life by tricking them that she was alison and alison was Courtney ANYWAYS SO in season 4 finale they find Jane Doe body ( a girl i dont know but she was wearing the same clothing as alison and was killed maybe by A) why? isn't it suppose to be COurtney body was found? because she was killed by alison! i dont get it does Alison have a sister in the tv show or only in the book and did she kill her sister im totaly confused because i thought the body they found was courntey her twin and Why Mellisa and her father think that spencer killed the girl by accident? and then in season 5 jessica alison mother dies for no reason i think alison killed her somehow i dont know but im so confused they made it a long story and for 4 years now no one know the answer for who A is o can you please help me understand whats going on now? first i will put the questions down so you can understand sorry for long paragraph!

Does or will Courtney body will be found?is there is courtney anywas in the show or only book

what is mellisa and her father secret? i know you probably dont know that but i thought maybe in the book if you read it says something!

is A aria? because a lot of people say that she is and the producer of the show twetted from long the A will be wearing a Swan dress in the episode and Aria was wearing one so i dont know

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  • 5 years ago
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    Ok to answer some of your questions: The books and the show are completely different so somethings that happened in the book have not and will probably never happen in the show. There has never been any mention of allison having a sister in the show (however considering the show is still on going that could change) but we know she is in the books. Season 5 is still currently on going so it may be revealed what melissa and mr. hastings secret is (not currently known). There are some suspicions that aria could be A but there are still many theories open to question of who A could be. A has not been revealed yet. Hope i helped! :)

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