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Had marijuana changed over time?

I'm not a big weed smoker so I don't really know anything about it but I remember smoking weed when I was younger and all that would happen is I just giggled a lot nothing major. Smoking weed now I go into this whole different state where my thought process is different and I have no control over myself. What changed? Was it just the type of weed I was smoking?

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    Weed has not gotten any more potent in my lifetime. I am 39 and have been smoking since the summer of 1987 and weed hasn't really gotten more powerful or anything in that time period, but there certainly is and has always been marijuan with different amounts of THC in it. I grow my own in my greenhouse here in Oakland legally and I can tell you from strain to strain and even from plant to plant of the same strain there is differences in the amount of THC in it. There is also a huge difference between a sativa dominant strain and an Indica dominant strain. THC isn't the only chemical in marijuana that alters your mind state, it is just the most powerful one. CBD is also in all marijuana, but there is more in some strains than other. An Indica strain has more CBD than a sativa strain and the CBD counteracts the THC and changes the high. CBD doesn't get you stoned on its own but when smoked with THC it mellows out the THC high. The Indica strains with CBD tend to make you want to just sit on the couch and watch tv and gigle a lot. Or get a pizza and go to sleep. The CBD and THC combo is responsible for couch lock.

    Sativa dominant strains have less CBD and sometimes even more THC and they make your mind race. They make you ask really weird questions. It also makes me giggle but it makes some people very paranoid.

    The amount of THC varies too by how it was grown. When I was a kid back in the 1980's I smoked a lot of Mexican brick weed. It came in compressed form and had seeds. It got you plenty high but that stuff is grown in huge fields and very little care is taken of the plants. They basically plant it and have sprinkler systems to water it and that is that. Then when it is done growing the cut it down and let it dry on the ground instead of curing it properly.

    The marijuana I grow now is leaps and bounds stronger than that Mexican stuff, but stuff like this was available back then I just didn't know any growers because I was 13 years old. I think it is likely when you were young you were smoking Indica dominant and possibly Mexican brick weed like I was and now you have a better hook up. Maybe you know a grower or you go to a dispensary or you know a guy that knows a grower. In any case I think you are just smoking stronger weed than you got when you were young that doesn't mean weed got stronger just the weed you are smoking got stronger. I had a cousin back in the 1980's that was in his 30's at the time and he could get Durban Poison back then and it was just as good in 1988 as it is out of my greenhouse in 2014.

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    Let's wait for the others to chime in as I have not personally tried marijuana in the past.

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