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2-3 guinea pig name help? Guinea pig tips on how to keep well healthy?

Hiyah! So today, my mom, sister, friend, step dad and i went to a rodent/reptile pets hop, and my sister is getting a baby Flemish rabbit this summer i think, and I asked my mom can i get 2 or 4 guinea pigs when Katie gets her bunny? She said yeah, I'm planning on getting males, so list as many as you can ^u^


I've done at least 10 or 12 hours of guinea pig research over the last few months, I've watched videos, I've gone to probably 63 different websites..I've written tips down so when i do get the pig i can easily remember what bedding i need, the size of the cage, water bottles, treats, vitamin c pills, nail & groom clippers, fleece, etc..But I feel like I'm forgetting something, an i don't want to forget anything important, So what am I missing?

Thank you! *Also excuse bad grammar xD*


Whoops! I ment to type females! XD

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    I would be careful with 3 males, especially when they reach sexual maturity. They can live happily together, but ive heard there are possibilities of fighting. Just so your aware!

    Hm, You see to have mostly everything. To help you prepare, write down a list of supplies you need, like specific brands. Start getting supplies, and the care ready asap. You will need to get food (be sure its a good brand, I like the brand Oxbow, and its available in most pet stores. Buy tons of timothy hay, since they need unlimited access. Figure how you want the cage set up. Sleeping area, kitchen (hay, pellet bowl, water) play area and make sure there is space for running. Are you going with a C&C cage? I couldnt imagine fitting 3 males in a commercial petstore cage. Plus C&C's are cheaper, fun to make and so simple to clean. Also make a list of safe veggies/unsafe veggies! This is very important.

    Where are you planning on getting your piggies? I would suggest a breeder, because you will get healthier animals, who are better socailized. Rescuing is a good option too. Petstore piggies are usually taken from their mothers too early, arent socialized and are generally unhealthy. Plus with a breeder or Rescue they can help by giving you food reccomendations, supplements, toys, etc.

    Hope that helped! As for names, When I got my rats, I wanted matching names. I got 2 boys first, I named them Reid and Jack. 6 months later when I got 2 more I wanted 4 letter boy names, so I decided on Zane and Owen. That was a couple years ago and I only have Zane now. (RIP Reid, Jack and Owen)

    Are there any cute names you just happen to like? I love the name Toby, or Elijah personally. What about tv shows? I named my leopard gecko Klaus from The Originals. Or a name that just comes to you? When I got my hedgehog, I couldnt think of a name, but suddenly just thought of Penny, and it fits!

    Maybe naming them based on their color? Naming a white one Snow, black on Pepper or Shadow, grey one Ash, Brown one Toffee? Or bands/celebs?

    Good luck with your piggies!

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