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What did the Ford Motor Company made during World War Two?

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    Watch the Thumbs down from people that do Not Know anything about what the USA did from 1933 in Germany

    After Ford helped put Hitler in Power he saw Money so Built factories in Germany Russia France UK he Built most of Hitlers Trucks whilst ITT built Focke Wulf and GM built his Tanks

    and once the Mustang was developed Built RR engines under Licence in the UK

    Ford made Billions out of WW2 and from his Profits secured His friendship with Hitler with a Yearly Birthday present to Hitler of 50,000 marks

    and To date i have never Owned a Nazi Loving Ford or GM

    the Great ford Received Germanys Highest award from Hitler the Grand Cross of the Ger m an Eagle for Services to the Third Reich

    and at the end of WW2 Ford Sued the US government for Damages to the Factory he owned throughout WW2 and actually got paid damages Proving that ford was in Charge from 1933 to 1945 some american Allie

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    In total Ford Motor Company produced roughly 282,352 "Jeeps" during World War II in the years 1941-1945. This figure does not include the 12,778 GPA models dubbed "Sea Jeeps" or simply "Seeps". In total some 647,950 U.S. Army Jeeps were produced during the war years with the remainder being manufactured by the American Bantam Car Company (one of the original designers/manufacturers) and Willys-Overland (design/manufacturer). Ultimately, contributions in both design and manufacture by all three companies produced the US Army Jeep in its final iconic form used throughout the second world war in every theater of operation.

    The Willow Run manufacturing plant (owned/operated by Ford Motor Company until 1946) began life in 1939 as a farm providing vocational training for young men under the name Camp Willow Run. Sensing the need for war production, plans were already in motion to build an aircraft production plant hence farming was effectively removed in 1941 when construction on the plant ensued. The plant, as a whole, concentrated on the production of Pratt & Whitney R-1830 engines, gliders, superchargers, B-24 Liberator medium bombers, and various avionics among other products. The main facility was completed on December 4, 1941, just days before the attack at Pearl Harbor. In addition, a full airstrip was constructed to facilitate testing of the finished bombers.

    Willow Run reached peak output in 1944 which saw a complete B-24 Liberator leaving the assembly line every fifty five minutes. These completed aircraft were tested by on site air crews after final assembly. 8,685 complete B-24 Liberators were reportedly manufactured at the Willow Run facility accounting for roughly forty eight percent of the estimated 18,000 aircraft of this type produced during World War II.

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    from an empty field in Nineteen and Forty, Ford built the Willow Run bomber plant, which turned out almost 9,000 of the huge B Twenty Four Liberators in 900 days. At its peak WIllow Run cranked out a bomber an hour.

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    Airplanes, jeeps, power plants, spare parts, tanks. Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Studebaker all made equipment to support the war effort no cars were made after 1941 a lot of retooling was done was known as The Arsenal of Democracy..

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    Ford produced huge numbers of tanks, trucks, jeeps, aircraft, engines (used separately from these aforementioned vehicles), machine tools, spare parts, and other mechanical equipment, and was one of the most important American industries contributing to the war effort.

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      was all this Built in Germany or the USA or Both ? ? ?

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    Millions of $

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    "What did it MAKE," not "what did it MADE," you idiot.

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