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Does anyone know the L&W CODES for Arizona s: AZ FAMILY, KOOL, and KTAR for June 26 2014?

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  • Dennis
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    7 years ago
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    AZfamily: genome

    8:20: USA

    Spade: USA

    KOOL 94.5 FM

    9 am: What A Fool Believes

    Noon: Magic Man

    Email code word: Battle

    KTAR 92.3 FM

    8:15 Arizona’s Morning News: USA

    11:20 Bruce St. James: Portland

    2:03 Rob & Karie: Believe

    Daily Connect: record

    KTAR SPORTS 98.7 FM/ 620 AM

    7:15 Spades Download: USA

    1:45 Song of the Day: America

    Starting 5: advance

    Other Trivia:

    4th Quarter Quiz: Brady Quinn

    Blockbusters: Dr. No

    Classic Rock Challenge: Led Zeppelin II

    Jazz Music: Can't We Be Friends

    Music Challenge: Living On The Edge

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    Word Play Trivia: Phenogram

    World Cup Trivia: Ghana (This question is now taking the truly correct answer, which is Portugal)

    Daily Dose of Video Trivia: was on track

    Videos Gone Wild!: Bootcamp

    Technology Zone!: Amazon Prime

    ​Does This Make You Happy?: The Greenland Ice Sheet

    Entertainment Video Trivia!: Alcohol And Reality TV

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    Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 3 gallons (this one is back again)

    Planet Of The Apes: Jul 11

    Re-Updated String: WasBooAmaTheAlc1 y200

    GraScoKinSeaSouAmeKey3 gaJul

    60 Seconds Of Gabriel Macht: Grab A Scotch (NOW WORKING......I put in the entire phrase, so not sure what goes in string, so I put both Gra and Sco)

  • Am0s
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    7 years ago

    KOOL 94.5 FM

    9 am = What A Fool Believes

    Noon = Magic Man

    4 pm = Call Me

    7 pm = Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

    Email code word = BATTLE

    KTAR 92.3 FM

    8:20 Arizona’s Morning News = USA

    11:15 Bruce St. James = Portland

    2:03 Rob & Karie = Believe

    3:15 Mac & Gaydos = Focus

    8:02 pm Dave Ramsey = Passion

    Daily Connect = RECORD

    98.7 FM/ 620 AM KTAR SPORTS

    7:15 Spades Download = USA

    1:45 Song of the Day = America

    5:55 knowledge drop =

    Starting 5 Rewards Code = ADVANCE

    AZ Family = Genome (DNA)

    ** late day trivia changes:

    Lifestyles: 20 months

    World Cup: Portugal

    Watch: Scotch

    Happy: The (tricky, tricky)

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