Why is my HDR AS15 so grainy?

Hello, I was using my SONY HDR AS15 action cam to film and I notice the quality on 1080p is horrible. It is all grainy and feels like recording from a 90s cell phone. I see a lot of youtube videos where the AS15 out performs a gopro3 black. I have both action cams and my AS15 is not nearly as high quality as the gopro3 black. My settings are 1080p HD, steady ON, 120 fov.

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  • Mmm J
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    6 years ago
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    "Grainy" usually = not enough light. Resolution: Add light. Reason for the issue: The lens and imaging chip are small. Not enough light (under low light conditions) is able to come in through the lens to get to the small imaging chip - what little light comes in (under low light conditions) is boosted as much as possible, but that noise is the result. ("Graininess" is a film descriptor - not digital imaging.)

    1080 = the horizontal line count of the video image.

    p = Progressive. The whole frame is captured (rather than "interlacing" 2 frames' horizontal lines or pixels.

    At 120 FoV (Fields of View), sometimes referred to as the frame rate, LOTS of light is required because the imaging chip does not get much light when capturing at this speed (that results in slow motion playback at 30 frames per second).

    Compare the image captured at 30 fps - it should be lots less noisy. Rather than using 120fps ("SSLOW" mode), Is the "SLOW" mode at 60 fps not enough? Under poor lighting conditions, you get to add light or decrease the frame rate.

  • 6 years ago

    Hello, do you think the sd card is too slow and cause the reduce quality? The HDR AS15 works good on low light condition as well.

  • lare
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    6 years ago

    all cameras perform better with adequate light. film or digital.

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