is easy to move parts from one case to another in a pc?

My case is too small. I think its a mid tower and i want to get a bigger motherboard in the future. But im afraid to move the peices from my current desktop to another case. My desktop is prebuilt too. Is it possible? What about the standoffs? The only work I did on a pc was install a graphics card. Will my small motherboard fit? Also could you recommend some cases, I'm looking for a large case, that's easy to move around in and can support a large motherboard.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Yes and no:

    With a normal clone machine it is not an issue. With OEM machines it becomes dicey. It depends upon how much customization was done on the motherboard primarily. If the motherboard is a standard ATX or mATX motherboard then you can readily move things. If it has been customized by HP, then the odds are it will not line up properly with the ports/connectors on the back of the computer. In my experience, HPs aren't too bad and are usually standard, but looking at a picture of the back of that machine, I cannot be sure. Dells are absolutely horrible in this regard as they often doe things like reversing the layout of the card slots and the connectors on the back of the board making it impossible to use those boards in other cases or other boards in their cases.

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      Well I found out my mobo and its an MS- 7826 from hp. Here's the link:
      So will you recommend a full size tower that it will fit in?

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  • Cam
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    6 years ago

    First find out what size your motherboard is. Sizes could be: ITX,ATX, Micro ATX. if it is ATX or microATX then you're all set just search full size atx case on google images. Find a cool looking one and then go to that website to see if it has what you want and where to buy it. I have the CM storm enforcer. That is just an example of a full size atx case.

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