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Which supplement brands/companies have the least toxins?

I have been reading a lot about herbs that are coming from China and are heavily contaminated with cadmium, aluminum, mercury etc. In related articles I was reading about the heavy pollution and how chinese crops are located near to industrial areas and the soils are full of high concentrations of heavy metals. Even chinese rice is full of cadmium, lead, arsenic. A lot of herbs that go into supplements are coming from China and are bad. I am trying to find out which brands of supplements are safest.

Do you know the safest brands to buy. I am mostly looking for Garlic and also interested in Hawthorn. thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    To be blunt... China isn't that unique. Most people don't want to hear this, but every single thing that you take into your body has trace amounts of Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and the list goes on of "scary things" because all of those exist in our water, which gets absorbed into plants (which in turn gets into all of our food, whether animal or vegetable), and is even in the air we breathe. It's a really scary thought, but the body was designed to be able to remove small amounts of these toxins every day and you'd need to eat many, MANY pounds of any of these foods every day to get too much of any of these... by that point, you'd overdose on several of the nutrients that have an RDA (required for daily health).

    In other words, you'd get way too much of the stuff you need before you get too much of the "bad stuff" no matter where it comes from. ;-)

    With all of that being said, there are quality guidelines that supplement companies have to follow (both from the FDA and from independent organizations within the industry) which are right in line with what the FDA requires for drugs. Specifically, you'll want to make sure the company has a good rating with either the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia), as those are the main quality assurance organizations (USP is for the U.S., GMP is for the U.S. and worldwide).

    There are many higher quality companies that do... because of that, any answer given here about a particular brand would just be personal opinion (I can give you my opinion if you'd like). Part of those guidelines are testing for heavy metals and other contaminants that are a concern to the human body.

    Some of the high quality companies that I've found that have some of the best prices are at , , and (all of which are competitors that have different promotions at different times so it's best to shop between them to find the best deal).

    If you want to check on the quality of a company before buying their product, I would call them and ask them to verify their quality. Don't just ask if their quality is good... ask them to prove it. Ask what quality testing organization they use and what kind of rating they've gotten (if applicable, as some don't rate, they just pass/fail).

    If they don't know or can't tell you *why* they have good quality (or at least check with a supervisor if they are new), they probably don't have good quality. It's not so much if they can tell you that they have quality, it's more important for them to say *why* they have good quality so you can verify it. To paraphrase Tommy Boy, anyone can crap in a bag and tell you it's the best quality ;-)

    It's the right of the consumer to know what they're getting and to make their choices from an educated standing. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    Source(s): As a Product Specialist for a vitamin company, I got asked questions like this quite often ;-)
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    6 years ago

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