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Do all spiders bite?

There's a black spider in my room. I'm scared of spiders and I don't know whether I should kill it or not because I don't know if it bites or not.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Although many spiders can bite, they are not the biters you may think. Some simply don't bite, and others nearly have to be forced to bite or provoked.

    Spiders you find around the house are usually harmless, and actually, having a couple around is worth while. They eat a lot of pest insects.(they earn their keep)

    I have never been bitten by any indoor or house spiders, and I have handled thousands of them in my day. What few bites I have had were my bad for trapping the spider between my fingers or under clothing.

    I have had ant stings and mosquito bites that were worse, so don't worry about bites.

    Your little friend may be able to bite if mis handled, otherwise, it isn't going to bother you at all.

    Perhaps if you learn a little about spiders and become familiar with them, you may overcome your fear of them, and see they are really the good guys.

    I have southern house spiders about, and they are just not known to bite, I, and many people even keep them for pets, as they can live a number of years. Here is 'Ol Lady':

    Her worst is her messy web, but she eats a lot of crickets and cockroaches that are a real pest.

    She lived behind my water cooler nearly 5 years, and 4 of her offspring live in other parts of the house.

    You don't have to kill your little spider, but if you just don't want it in your room, just catch it in a cup and release it outside.

    Source(s): Been around spiders 50 years.
  • Dee
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    all spiders are freeloaders, they live in your house for free!

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