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Why in the USA and oth.countries there is no word "Rossiyanin",as the word "Russian" means not all inhabitants of Russia,because?

i there are Germans,Poles,Jews, etc.?

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  • JP
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    7 years ago
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    In the US, there really is no conscious understanding of any difference between "citizenship" and "nationality."

    In the US, they're considered synonyms.

    In other "old world" countries, they are very different concepts.

    If you wanted to make a difference clear to an American, you would have to say something like:

    Russian of German origin

    Russian of German ethnicity

    Russian of German extraction


  • Diman
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    7 years ago

    Because Russian - an ethnic Russian. A "Rossiyanin" - a citizen of Russia, which may be an not ethnic Russian.

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